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Welcome to Wellington City Libraries' page of resources on Islam. Here you'll find a cross-section of what the library holds on Islam, some quick links into our online databases and the library's catalogue, and links to websites on Islam selected by our subject librarians. The Dewey Decimal call number for Islam as a subject is 297. (A comprehensive list of Dewey numbers for other religions can be found on the Beliefs homepage.)

Last updated 11 November 2018.


Recent items:

(Books and DVDs.)


Syndetics book coverVoices of modern Islam : what it means to be Muslim today, by Declan Henry ; foreword by Dr Taj Hargey.
"This book explores the contemporary Muslim experience through first-hand interviews with over a hundred Muslims. It explores key issues such as women and Islam, extremism and radicalisation, Sharia Law, homosexuality and Islamophobia, and looks deep into what it means to be Muslim today. This is an easy and accessible introduction to Islam combined with discussion surrounding several contentious issues associated with the religion." (drawn from the Syndetics summary)

Letters to a young Muslim, by Omar Saif Ghobash.
"Omar Saif Ghobash was born in 1971 in the United Arab Emirates - the same year the country was founded - to an Arab father and a Russian mother. After a traumatizing experience losing his father to a violent attack in 1977, when he was only six years old, Ghobash began to realize the severe violence that surrounded him in his home country. As he grew older, eventually being appointed as the UAE Ambassador to Russia in 2008, he began to reflect on what it means to be a Muslim... This book is the result of the personal exploration Ghobash went through in the years after his father's death.... The burning question, Ghobash argues, is how moderate Muslims will unite and find a voice that is true to Islam while actively and productively engaging in the modern world."-- Provided by publisher." (Catalogue)

Born with wings : the spiritual journey of a modern Muslim woman, by Daisy Khan. "Khan details her faith journey, beginning with the strong guidance of her supportive family in her native Kashmir, where religious practices were deeply felt. But after she moves to the U.S., questions and doubts began to surface for Khan. Finding Sufism renewed her and served as a starting point for her activism. Khan's extensive research on her faith led to one of her core beliefs: that, despite perceptions to the contrary, Islam elevates the status of women. Today, she is the executive director of the Women's Islamic Initiative for Spirituality and Equality... A thought-provoking read." (Booklist, courtesy of Syndetics)

Pilgrimage in Islam : traditional and modern practices, by Sophia Arjana.
"It is not only the holy cities of Mecca and Karbala to which Muslim pilgrims travel, but a wide variety of sacred sites around the world. Journeys are undertaken to visit graves of important historical and religious individuals, the tombs of saints, and natural sites such as mountaintops and springs. Exploring the rich diversity of traditions practiced by the 1.5 billion Muslims across the world, Arjana provides a rigorous theoretical discussion of pilgrimage, ritual practice and the nature of sacred space in Islam. This all-encompassing survey covers issues such as time, space, tourism, virtual pilgrimages and the use of computers and smartphone apps. Book jacket" (Catalogue)


Introduction to Islam with Bilal Dannoun.
Voice of Islam presents Islam through its television programs, lecture tours, DVDs and other books and publications in a correct manner as a reminder and education for Muslims, and to show non Muslims the correct manner in which we should be acting and practising our religion. (drawn from the booklet)

Sufi soul : the mystic music of Islam, Songlines MWTV for Channel 4.
For hundreds of millions of Sufi followers worldwide, music is at the heart of their tradition and a way of getting closer to God. From the Whirling Dervishes of Turkey to the qawwali music of Pakistan, Sufism has produced some of the world's most spectacular music celebrated by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Dalrymple's film traces the shared roots of Christianity and Islam in the Middle East and discovers Sufism to be a peaceful, tolerant and pluralistic bastion against fundamentalism"--Container


Yes - we now have a small number of e-books on Islam which are free to download and borrow.

Some titles :

Online databases & articles

Wellington City Libraries also subscribe to a number of different online databases that provide news and periodical articles on a wide range of topics, including relligion and Islam. Follow the links at to select EBSCO or Gale databases.

Journal titles:

  • Arabic sciences and philosophy : a historical journal
  • Contemporary Islam
  • Insights (Pakistan)
  • Islam & science
  • Islamic studies
  • Muslim world
  • One country (English ed.)

Useful websites

  • Muslims
    Concisely explains the basic principles of Islam, including the most widely accepted definition of jihad. This site provides an abundance of facts about Islamic history, beliefs, and various other topics through its portrayal and interviews of Muslims.
  • Islam 101
    An educational site on Islam, its way of life, civilization and culture. It includes an introductory course on Islam and presents Islamic views on contemporary issues.
    Created and maintained by the Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project (DILP). To facilitate access to resources related to Islamic history, law, practice, and the societies of various Muslim peoples. The homepage provides a general search engine, and an option to browse the site and its materials in four different languages. For those unfamiliar with the subject, they may want to begin by perusing the materials in the "Discover Islam" section.
  • Muslimahspeaks
    A voice for Muslim women with lectures and interviews.

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