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New Zealand resources and contacts


  • BNI
    A business and professional networking organisation that allows only one person from each profession to join any chapter.
  • Business Mentors NZ
    If you employ less than 25 people and your business is more than 12 months old, you are eligible for a business mentor.
  • Career Mum
    CareerMum is a NZ social enterprise focused on driving positive solutions to workplace challenges faced by mums. It has some great resources and articles.
  • Chrysalis for Women
    A Wellington-based business network group for women in small to medium sized businesses. Also offers a 12-month workbook 'Your Business Journey'. The Principal is Kim Chamberlain - an author of books and e-books on communication skills, personal development, brain training and language exercises; an international conference speaker; and coordinator of women's business network groups.
  • CO.of women
    A nationwide business organisation for female entrepreneurs.
  • Dress For Success
    Provides interview suits, confidence boosts and career development to more than 30,000 women in over 70 cities internationally each year. Dress for Success is a not-for-profit organization which helps low-income women make tailored transitions into the workforce. They are always looking for women interested in helping in a variety of ways including repairing garments and fundraising.
  • GirlBoss
    The mission of GirlBoss New Zealand is to inspire, empower and equip New Zealand girls to develop their STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Maths), leadership and entrepreneurial skills in order to become the change makers of the future.
  • Iwahine
    Boutique wahine Maori business advisory and consulting service
  • Maori Women's Development Inc
    MWDI was formed in 1987 with the assistance of Ministerial action and the goodwill of the National Council for Maori Women's Welfare League Inc to meet business, employment and financial demands. They provide loans of up to $20,000 to help Maori women start or expand businesses It aims to encourage Maori women and men into business as well as building a network of Maori in business.
  • New Zealand Federation of Business & Professional Women Inc
    BPW NZ promotes equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education and information, and has 31 branches throughout New Zealand.
  • Pacific Business Trust
    Set up in Auckland in 1985 , the Trust has now established a centre in Wellington. A Charitable Trust, their mandate is to grow Pacific businesses into sustainable, viable and commercially successful enterprises.
  • SheEO network
    This is the NZ Network of the international organization. SheEO funds new ventures.
  • She owns it
    Provides mentoring, community and workshops to women to develop your skill sets, self belief and brand.
  • Venus Network
    A nationwide business referral community designed for women who are serious about growing their business, their networks and themselves. There is a Wellington network.
  • TechwomenNZ
    TechWomen is a group of passionate New Zealand tech, digital and ICT focused individuals from leading organisations that work together, with the support of NZTech, to help address one of the major challenges for the successful growth of technology in New Zealand, a shortage of women in tech roles.
  • Women on Boards (Min. of Women's Affairs)
    The Nominations Service aims to increase the number of women leaders and decision-makers on state sector governance boards and committees.

Articles freely available online

International contacts and resources

  • Catalyst
    Catalyst is a non-profit organization working to advance women in business and the professions. This research organization has systematically tracked women's progress in the workplace and publishes this information on the web site.
  • Womens Agenda
    An Australian hub sharing the latest news and views affecting how women live and work. It reports daily on politics, business, leadership, tech and life from the perspective of professional women and female entrepreneurs.

Library resources

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Articles available via our online magazines

  • Mumpreneurship in New Zealand: an exploratory investigation.
    Source: International Journal of Sociology & Social Policy 2018, Vol. 38 Issue 5/6 pp 459-473.
    Abstract: This study provides valuable insights into the nature of being a Mumpreneur, information that is often difficult to obtain, assisting mothers who are contemplating business ownership as well as existing Mumpreneurs, who may feel alone in their struggles for success
  • 40 Online resources all women in tech careers should know about.
    Source: Women in Business 2019 Vol 70 issue 2 pp20-21 Abstract: Gives seven steps for businesswomen to consider when solving business problems.
  • Women's rugged road to top.
    Source: New Zealand Herald 28 October 2019 Abstract: Jane Phare looks at wealth creation, the challenges female entrepreneurs face in business and why more don't make it to the Rich List.


Take your space : successful women share their secrets / Cribb, Jo
"Never has there been a better time in history for women to come together as we learn to live, work and respond in our new world order. Take Your Space is an essential resource drawn from 16 diverse and successful women who want to help you to take one step forward; a step towards success. Eight chapters, two authors, one purpose. To get you to take that one step forward. Helen Clark describes the book as 'A how-to guide for women wanting to get ahead in any walk of life, drawing on the experiences of those who've done the hard yards'. Take your pick of the real life how-to's from those who have succeeded in their many and varied careers."--Publisher description." (Catalogue)

The agile executive : embracing career risks and rewards / Broadbent, Marianne
"Marianne Broadbent is a leadership and executive search consultant who works every day with women and men making career decisions and life choices. She provides sharp and informed insights, through her work with organisations and teams, to build and sustain great talent. She shares her personal experiences of taking career risks, making multiple choices and managing a 'blended life' in our new modern paradigm where careers aren't as linear as they once were. She complements this with the thoughts and words of 20 executives who willingly provide their personal and career perspectives on their own trade-offs and 'getting on with it'. The Agile Executive should be compulsory reading for all women (and men too ) who aspire to succeed in corporate life. - Elizabeth Proust, AO Chairman, Bank of Melbourne It takes both courage and generosity of spirit to use yourself as a case study for others' learning. Above all this is a very generous book. And like the author chock full of memorable advice. - Diane Smith-Gander, Non-executive director and past president of Chief Executive Women (CEW) Relevant and empowering, The Agile Executive offers exactly what's needed to adapt to and lead change in our disruptive age. Priceless wisdom from a highly successful leader who has been there. - Stephen M.R. Covey, The New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Speed of Trust" (Catalogue)

Launching while female : smashing the system that holds women entrepreneurs back / Althoff, Susanne
"A rallying cry that exposes the obstacles that women and non-binary entrepreneurs face in the business world and a roadmap for a more inclusive and economically successful future Journalist and professor Susanne Althoff exposes the ways in which the current start-up paradigm was engineered by and for white men, and the ways in which women, non-binary, and trans folks--especially those who are non-white--face impossible barriers to landing funding from venture capitalists to make their companies viable. Through interviews with over 100 founders of small start-ups, Althoff paints a picture of a systemically rigged start-up culture. She tackles the gendered perceptions of innovation and who is allowed to play; for example, why women are called "mompreneurs" rather than business women and why only 18 Black women founders of companies have been able to break the $1 million threshold for funding ... ever. Althoff provides a way forward, providing proof that companies started by women are a boon to society and the economy, and offering advice for non-male people starting their own companies." (Catalogue)

Female firebrands : stories and techniques to ignite change, take control, and succeed in the workplace / Kiner, Mikaela
"Saying NO to the Workplace Status Quo: 13 Women Who Are Rewriting the Rules If readers are not sure what a firebrand is, they'll find out in Mikaela Kiner's powerful first book. Women of all generations will nod in recognition at the stories of 13 professional women from diverse backgrounds and industries as they recount the career challenges they've faced and how they have overcome bias, sexism, and the power imbalance. These women are role models, not just because they've been successful in their careers, but because they are mission driven and doing good in the world. They are whole people dealing with work, family, balance, confidence, and the need to stay motivated and strong. Mikaela Kiner spent 15 years in HR leadership at Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, PopCap Games, and Redfin. In 2015 she founded Reverb, which helps companies create healthy, inclusive culture that engages and inspires employees. Female Firebrands is an honest, modern, and solutions-oriented guide for dealing with situations working women know all too well: sexual harassment, not being taken seriously, and being talked over, passed over, underpaid, and underappreciated. Mid-career professional women will read this book and know they're not alone. Women earlier in their careers can save years of heartache and frustration by learning what's worked for women who came before them. Chapter checklists provide invaluable to-do lists for women, men who want to be their advocates, and HR and business leaders as well. Readers will learn how to-- - Develop tools and techniques to stand and speak up on behalf of yourself and others when it's both difficult and necessary - Get better at recognizing "little indignities" you don't have to tolerate - Understand what it means to be an informed, empowered advocate for women - Increase awareness of your own blind spots and biases so you can learn from them - Recognize the role of privilege at work and how it can be used for positive change" (Catalogue)

On women and leadership.
"What will it take to create a more gender-balanced workplace? If you read nothing else on leadership and gender at work, read these 10 articles by experts in the field. We've combed through hundreds of articles in the Harvard Business Review archive and selected the most important ones to help you understand where gender equality is today--and how far we still have to go. This collection of articles includes "Women and the Labyrinth of Leadership," by Alice H. Eagly and Linda L. Carli; "Do Women Lack Ambition?" by Anna Fels; "Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers," by Herminia Ibarra, Robin Ely, and Deborah Kolb; "Women and the Vision Thing," by Herminia Ibarra and Otilia Obodaru; "The Power of Talk: Who Gets Heard and Why," by Deborah Tannen; "The Memo Every Woman Keeps in Her Desk," by Kathleen Reardon; "Why Diversity Programs Fail," by Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev; "Now What?" by Joan C. Williams and Suzanne Lebsock; "The Battle for Female Talent in Emerging Markets," by Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Ripa Rashid; "Off-Ramps and On-Ramps: Keeping Talented Women on the Road to Success," by Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Carolyn Buck Luce; and "Sheryl Sandberg: The HBR Interview," by Sheryl Sandberg and Adi Ignatius." (Catalogue)

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