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New Booklists — April 2021

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(235 titles)

Dangerous women

Adams, Hope, 1944- 2021

The dark heart of Florence

Alexander, Tasha, 1969- 2021

The family business

Allen, Hania 2020

Behind closed doors

Alliott, Catherine 2021

X-ray robot [1]

Allred, Mike 2020 Graphic Novel

Who is Maud Dixon?

Andrews, Alexandra 2021

Nothing ventured

Archer, Jeffrey, 1940- 2020 Large Print

33 women

Ashdown, Isabel 2020

Moonshine. Vol. 3, Rue le jour

Azzarello, Brian 2020 Graphic Novel


Bail, Murray, 1941- 2021

The golfer's carol

Bailey, Robert, 1973- 2020

New animal

Baxter, Ella 2021

The unfinished land

Bear, Greg, 1951- 2021

Welcome to Nowhere River

Bignell, Meg 2021

The queen's weapons

Bishop, Anne 2021

Ruthless women

Blake, Melanie 2021

The dark room

Blake, Sam. 2021

Dark sky

Box, C. J. 2021

The cut

Brookmyre, Christopher, 1968- 2021

The Black Coast

Brooks, Mike 2020

The family journal

Brown, Carolyn, 1948- 2020 Large Print


Brubaker, Ed 2020 Graphic Novel

Shadow sands

Bryndza, Robert 2020

Shadow roads. Volume two

Bunn, Cullen 2020 Graphic Novel

Witchy kingdom

Butler, D. J. 1973- 2020

The mask of mirrors

Carrick, M. A. 2021


Carroll, Steven, 1949- 2021

Charlotte Pass

Christine, Lee 2020


Cipri, Nino 2020


Coben, Harlan, 1962- 2021

The verdict

Cooper, C. J. 2021

Stealth. Volume 1

Costa, Mike 2020 Graphic Novel

A daughter's return

Cox, Josephine 2021

This close to okay : a novel

Cross-Smith, Leesa, 1978- 2021

I am the night

Cross, Ethan 2020

I am fear

Cross, Ethan 2020

I am pain

Cross, Ethan 2020

Fast ice

Cussler, Clive 2021

Kill the king

Dazieri, Sandrone, 1964- 2020

Nowhere to be found

De Lange, Louisa 2020

The dance of the serpents

De Muriel, Oscar 2020

Girl A

Dean, Abigail 2021

Meant to be

Deveraux, Jude 2021

Batman : the chalice

Dixon, Chuck, 1954- 2021 Graphic Novel

The driftwood girls

Douglas-Home, Mark 2020

Symbiosis : a novel

Drayden, Nicky 2021

Leave no trace

Driscoll, Sara 2021

While Paris slept Ruth Druart.

Druart, Ruth 2021

The Paris affair

Drysdale, Pip 2021

Unfollow me

Duckworth, Charlotte 2020

A death in the hospital

Dunford, Caroline 2020

The bone maker : a novel

Durst, Sarah Beth 2021

Little white lies

East, Philippa 2020

The Divines : a novel

Eaton, Ellie 2021

I am marked

Eden, E. J 2020

Ladies of the house : a novel

Edmondson, Lauren 2021

Moonstruck. Vol. 3, Troubled waters

Ellis, Grace 2020 Graphic Novel

The burial circle

Ellis, Kate, 1953- 2020

Proof of life

Ellory, Roger Jon 2021

Infinite country : a novel

Engel, Patricia 2021

The chemical detective

Erskine, Fiona 2020

Lightning game

Feehan, Christine 2021

The Mitford trial

Fellowes, Jessica 2020

A wedding in the country

Fforde, Katie 2021

The shadow man

Fields, Helen, 1969- 2021

Ash Mountain

FitzGerald, Helen, 1966- 2021

Adventureman. Volume 1, "The end and everything after"

Fraction, Matt 2020 Graphic Novel

Victory's price

Freed, Alexander 2021

Upright women wanted

Gailey, Sarah 2020

The echo wife

Gailey, Sarah 2021

The system

Gattis, Ryan 2020

The disinvent movement

Gendall, Susanna 2021

Make yourself at home

Geraghty, Ciara 2021

The four symbols

Giacometti, Éric 2020

Die. Volume 3, The great game

Gillen, Kieron 2020 Graphic Novel

Heaven and earth

Giordano, Paolo, 1982- 2020 Large Print

Lady in waiting : an extraordinary life in the shadow of the crown

Glenconner, Anne 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

Before the ruins : a novel

Gosling, Victoria 2021

Death in Daylesford

Greenwood, Kerry 2020 Large Print

The Clerkenwell affair

Gregory, Susanna, 1958- 2020

Rob Guillory's Farmhand. Volume 3, Roots of all evil

Guillory, Rob 2020 Graphic Novel

Maxwell's demon

Hall, Steven, 1975- 2021

The foundling

Halls, Stacey 2020

The dressmaker's secret

Ham, Rosalie 2020 Large Print


Hamilton, Laurell K 2021

The Russian cage

Harris, Charlaine 2021

Grace under pressure

Haschka, Tori 2021

Sparks like stars : a novel

Hashimi, Nadia 2021

The Red Mother. Volume two

Haun, Jeremy 2020 Graphic Novel

A bright ray of darkness

Hawke, Ethan, 1970- 2021

Hollow empire

Hawke, Sam 2020

Other people's houses

Hawkins, Kelli 2021

Sister to sister

Hayfield, Olivia, 1960- 2021

Doors ! field of blood

Heitz, Markus, 1971- 2021

Doors X Twilight

Heitz, Markus, 1971- 2021


Heller, Mandasue 2020

I'm in a United State : red, white and beautifully entertaining

Henry, Paul, 1960- 2021 Large Print (Non-fiction)

Slough house

Herron, Mick. 2021


Herron, Paul (Novelist) 2021

Divine justice

Hichens, Joanne 2021

28 summers

Hilderbrand, Elin 2020

The woman in the wood

Hill, Mark (Novelist) 2021

Just like you

Hornby, Nick 2020 Large Print

Before I saw you

Houghton, Emily, 1991- 2021

The changing man : a mental health manual

Howell, Cate 1958- 2021 Large Print (Non-fiction)

The family tree

Hussain, Sairish 2020

Accidents and old lace and other stories

Ingels, Graham, 1915-1991 2021 Graphic Novel

The world at my feet

Isaac, Catherine, 1974- 2021

Attack on Titan. 30

Isayama, Hajime, 1986- 2020 Graphic Novel

Attack on Titan. 31

Isayama, Hajime, 1986- 2020 Graphic Novel

Klara and the sun

Ishiguro, Kazuo, 1954- 2021

A net for small fishes

Jago, Lucy. 2021

Wonder Woman : dead Earth

Johnson, Daniel Warren 2020 Graphic Novel

Silence of the Soleri

Johnston, Michael 1973- 2021


Jordan, Tim 2021

The henna artist

Joshi, Alka 2020 Large Print

Play the red queen

Jurjevics, Juris. 2020

The strange ones

Jusay, Jeremy 2020 Graphic Novel


Kayode, M. O. 2021

My daughter's wedding

Killeen, Gretel 2021

Ether [3] : the disappearance of Violet Bell

Kindt, Matt 2020 Graphic Novel

Batman. the complete collection City of Bane :

King, Tom, 1978- 2020 Graphic Novel

The Eternals : monster-size

Kirby, Jack 2021 Graphic Novel

Fire power. Volume 2, Home fire

Kirkman, Robert 2021 Graphic Novel


Kluwe, Chris 2021

The burning god

Kuang, R. F. 2020

Those who are saved

Landau, Alexis 2021

Lone Jack Trail

Laukkanen, Owen 2020

The readers' room

Laurain, Antoine 2020

What my sister knew

Laurin, Nina 2020

Red mother with child

Lax, 1949- 2020 Graphic Novel

Chu. Vol. 1, The first course

Layman, John, 1967- 2021 Graphic Novel

The gothic tales of Sheridan Le Fanu

Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan, 1814-1873 2020

Ascender. Volume three, The digital mage

Lemire, Jeff 2020 Graphic Novel

Transient desires

Leon, Donna 2021

Transient desires

Leon, Donna 2021

The orange grove

Ley, Rosanna 2021

Lie beside me

Lodge, Gytha 2021

Hall of smoke

Long, H. M. 2021

Checkmate to murder : a second world war mystery

Lorac, E. C. R., 1894-1958 2021

A home like ours

Lowe, Fiona 2021

Alchemy and Rose

Maine, Sarah 2021


Malanowska, Kaja, 1974- 2021

The Demon Club

Mariani, Scott. 2020

Enemy of the Raj

Marsh, Alec 2020

A fatal affair

Martin, Faith 2021

A desolation called peace

Martine, Arkady 2021

The children God forgot

Masterton, Graham 2021

Christmas for beginners

Matthews, Carole 2020

The shearer's wife

McDonald, Fleur 2020 Large Print

Across the green grass fields

McGuire, Seanan 2021

As swallows fly : a novel

McMahon, L. P. 2021

The liminal space

McRae, Jacquie 2020


Mikaël, 1974- 2020 Graphic Novel

Berserk : deluxe edition. 5

Miura, Kentarō 2020 Graphic Novel

Fairhaven rising

Modesitt, L. E., Jr., 1943- 2021

Universe! #01

Monteys, 1971- 2021 Graphic Novel

The stills

Montgomery, Jess 2021

Klaus : the new adventures of Santa Claus

Morrison, Grant 2021 Graphic Novel

Edge of the grave

Morrison, Robbie 2021

The seeds : a graphic tale in four acts

Nocenti, Ann 2020 Graphic Novel

Acts of desperation

Nolan, Megan 2021

A violent gentleman

O'Leary, Danny 2021

Remote control

Okorafor, Nnedi 2021

Engines of oblivion

Osborne, Karen 2021

The family doctor

Oswald, Debra 2021

The goblets immortal

Overmyer, Beth 2020

Holes in the veil

Overmyer, Beth 2021

Ronin Island. Volume three, A new wind

Pak, Greg 2020 Graphic Novel

The dead of winter

Parris, S. J., 1974- 2020

X-Force. Vol. 2

Percy, Benjamin 2020 Graphic Novel

Couch fiction : a graphic tale of psychotherapy

Perry, Philippa, 1957- 2020 Graphic Novel

Okay, universe : chronicles of a woman in politics

Plante, Valérie 2020 Graphic Novel

King of nowhere [1]

Prince, W. Maxwell 2020 Graphic Novel

Paul at home

Rabagliati, Michel 2020 Graphic Novel


Ragnar Jónasson, 1976- 2020

The butcher of Berner street

Reeve, Alex (Crime fiction writer) 2020

Victoria Park

Reeves, Gemma 2021

The diplomat's wife

Ridpath, Michael. 2021

Under currents

Roberts, Nora 2020 Large Print

The Moroccan daughter

Rodriguez, Deborah 2021

The Beirut protocol

Rosenberg, Joel C., 1967- 2021

Knock knock

Roslund, Anders, 1961- 2021

Flowers of darkness

Rosnay, Tatiana de, 1961- 2021

The bench

Sarginson, Saskia 2020

Burning girls and other stories

Schanoes, Veronica 2021

Song of the crocodile

Simpson, Nardi 2020

The codebreakers

Sinclair, Alli 2021

Quiet in her bones

Singh, Nalini, 1977- 2021

Quiet in her bones

Singh, Nalini, 1977- 2021

The Paris library

Skeslien Charles, Janet 2021

All the murmuring bones

Slatter, Angela 2021

The best of Michael Marshall Smith

Smith, Michael Marshall. 2020


Spindler, Susan, 1955- 2021

The haunted shore

Spring, Neil. 2020

Light perpetual

Spufford, Francis, 1964- 2021

The imitator

Starford, Rebecca, 1984- 2021

The stone knife

Stephens, Anna, 1979- 2020

Rat king landlord

Stephens, Murdoch, 1981- 2020

In the company of men

Tadjo, Véronique, 1955- 2021


Tieri, Frank 2020 Graphic Novel

A Cotswold Christmas mystery

Tope, Rebecca 2020

Deep into the dark

Tracy, P. J. 2021

The burning girls

Tudor, C. J. 2021

Please don't step on my JNCO jeans

Van Sciver, Noah 2020 Graphic Novel

Islandia. Volume 3, The legacy of the sorceror

Védrines, Marc, 1971- 2020 Graphic Novel

The long, long afternoon

Vesper, Inga 2021

Out past the stars

Wagers, K. B. 2021

Salvation day

Wallace, Kali 2020

Dog days

Waller, Ericka 2021

Legacy of steel

Ward, Mat 2020

The House

Watson, Tom, 1967- 2020

A deception at Thorncrest

Weaver, Ashley 2020

Into the light

Weber, David, 1952- 2021

The unquiet heart

Welsh, Kaite 2020

Dryad. Volume one

Wiebe, Kurtis J., 1979- 2021 Graphic Novel

Band of sisters : a novel

Willig, Lauren 2021

The swimmers

Womack, Marian 2021

The great Gatsby : a graphic novel adaptation

Woodman-Maynard, K. 2021 Graphic Novel

Monkey King : journey to the west

Wu, Cheng'en, approximately 1500-approximately 1582 2021

On fragile waves

Yu, E. Lily. 2021

The adoption

Zidrou 2020 Graphic Novel


(466 titles)

iPad for seniors in easy steps

Vandome, Nick 2020 004.1675 VAN


Blum, Richard, 1962- 2020 005.4469 BLU

Enterprise AI for dummies

Jarvinen, Zachary 2020 006.3 JAR

G Suite

McFedries, Paul 2020 025.04252 MACF

News : and how to use it

Rusbridger, Alan 2020 070.4 RUS

Good grief : embracing life at a time of death

Mayer, Catherine 2020 155.937 GOO

Practically perfect : life lessons from Mary Poppins

Brand, Katy, 1979- 2020 170.44 BRA

Whose futures?

2020 303.49 WHO

Feminisms : a global history

Delap, Lucy 2020 305.4209 DEL

Minor feelings : an Asian American reckoning

Hong, Cathy Park 2020 305.895 HON

The Churchill myths

Fielding, Steven, 1961- 2020 306.20941 FIE

The Covent Garden ladies

Rubenhold, Hallie 2020 306.7409 RUB

Antisocial : how online extremists broke America

Marantz, Andrew 2020 320.520973 MAR

A brief history of fascist lies

Finchelstein, Federico, 1975- 2020 320.533 FIN

The system : who rigged it, how we fix it

Reich, Robert B. 2020 320.973 REI

Battlegrounds : the fight to defend the free world

McMaster, H. R., 1962- 2020 327.73 MACM


Chishti, Susanne, 1971- 2020 332.10284 CHI

Gladius : living, fighting and dying in the Roman army

De la Bédoyère, Guy 2020 355.00937 DEL

Labours of love : the crisis of care

Bunting, Madeleine 2020 361.32 BUN

In the dream house

Machado, Carmen Maria 2020 362.8292092 MAC

Journey into the land of the Zeks and back : a memoir of the Gulag

Margolin, I︠U︡liĭ, 1900-1971 2020 365.45092 MAR

History of world trade in maps

Parker, Philip, 1965- 2020 382.09 PAR

Style on the street : from Tokyo and beyond

Shito, Rei 2020 391.00952 SHI

Scoff : a history of food and class in Britain

Vogler, Pen 2020 394.120941 VOG

Polynesian Island myths

2020 398.20996 POL

Oxford A-Z of grammar and punctuation

Seely, John, 1941- 2020 428.2 SEE

The Janus point : a new theory of time

Barbour, Julian B. 2020 529 BAR

The botanical adventures of Joseph Banks

Harrison, Christina (Horticulturist) 2020 580.92 BAN

The life & love of the forest

Blackwell, Lewis, 1958- 2020 582.16 BLA

Featherhood : on birds and fathers

Gilmour, Charlie Samson 2020 598.864 GIL

Seven and a half lessons about the brain

Barrett, Lisa Feldman 2020 612.82 BAR

Keep sharp

Gupta, Sanjay, 1969- 2020 612.82 GUP

Chronic fatigue syndrome M.E. : symptoms, diagnosis, management

Vallings, Rosamund, 1938- 2020 616.047 VAL

The trouble with trauma

Howard, Kerry 2020 616.8521 HOW

Aston Martin : made in Britain

Collins, Ben 2020 629.2 AST

Operation Moonglow : a political history of Project Apollo

Muir-Harmony, Teasel E. 2020 629.454 MUI


Blackiston, Howland 2020 638.1 BLA

To wine!

Bathgate, Graham 2020 641.22 BAT

Shared kitchen : real food from scratch

Biuso, Julie 2020 641.5 BIU

Snacky tunes : music is the main ingredient

Bresnitz, Darin 2020 641.5 BRE

Open Table, Byron Bay : my food odyssey

Robbaz-Franco, Ronit 2020 641.5 ROB

What mummy makes : family meal planner

Wilson, Rebecca 2020 641.5 WIL

The batch cook book

Gates, Sam 2020 641.57 GAT

Kind, firm, calm

Hale, Jenny (Family coach) 2020 649.1 HAL

Let's talk about the first year of parenting

Brown, Amy (Medical doctor) 2020 649.122 BRO

Let's talk about your new family's sleep

Hookway, Lyndsey 2020 649.122 HOO

New Zealand's top franchise leaders secrets revealed

Burdon, Peter, (Executive) 2020 658.8708 BUR

Stonefields by the seasons

Bangay, Paul, 1963- 2020 712.609945 BAN

Marks of identity : New Zealand logos, 1960-80

Thompson, Hamish, 1957- 2020 741.6 THO

Wasted : when trash becomes treasure

Treggiden, Katie 2020 745.4 TRE

I'll wear it until I'm dead : the Song Fashion archives

Song, Myung-il 2020 746.92 SON , Large Book

NicoleHollis : curated interiors

Hollis, Nicole 2020 747 HOL

Collected. Volume no 2, Past + present

Richardson, Sarah, 1971- 2020 747 RIC

L.S. Lowry : the Lowry collection

Stewart, Claire 2020 759.2 LOW

Look again : the autobiography

Bailey, David, 1938- 2020 770.92 BAI

Interior voyages

Salvaing, Matthieu 2020 779.092 SAL

Only us

Dunn, Stuart, 1977- 2020 779.2092 DUN

Killing time : short stories from the long road home

Barnes, Jimmy, 1956- 2020 786.9 BAR


Douglas, Tana. 2020 786.9 DOU

Joni Mitchell : the ultimate music guide.

2020 786.9 MIT , Large Book

(R)evolution : the autobiography

Numan, Gary, 1958- 2020 786.9 NUM

Obit : poems

Chang, Victoria, 1970- 2020 811 CHA

This is one way to dance : essays

Shah, Sejal, 1972- 2020 814 SHA

The mermaid's purse

Adcock, Fleur 2020 821 ADC


Auchmuty, Bridget, 1951- 2020 821 AUC

Asleep and awake

Fuller, John, 1937 January 1- 2020 821 FUL

Living on stolen land

Kwaymullina, Ambelin, 1975- 2020 821 KWA

Can you make this thing go faster

Clarkson, Jeremy 2020 828 CLA


Winkleman, Claudia, 1972- 2020 828 WIN

Towards Compostela : walking the Camino de Santiago

Van Bohemen, Catharina, 1954- 2020 914.61 VAN

Tank attack at Monte Cassino : the Cavendish Road operation, 1944

Plowman, Jeffrey, 1953- 2020 940.54215 PLO

Mercia : the rise and fall of a kingdom

Whitehead, Annie 2020 942.0157 WHI

Nazis and nobles : the history of a misalliance

Malinowski, Stephan 2020 943.085 MAL

The Melanesian world

2020 995 MEL

Sybille Bedford : an appetite for life

Hastings, Selina 2020 Biography B BED

Ramble book

Buxton, Adam 2020 Biography B BUX

Hungry : a memoir of wanting more

Dent, Grace 2020 Biography B DEN

The silver swan : in search of Doris Duke

Bingham, Sallie 2020 Biography B DUK

Parting words : 9 lessons for a remarkable life

Ferencz, Benjamin B., 1920- 2020 Biography B FER

The consequences of love

Hodge, Gavanndra 2020 Biography B HOD

Boris Johnson : the gambler

Bower, Tom, 1946- 2020 Biography B JOH

To be honest

Leviton, Michael 2020 Biography B LEV

The secret diaries of Miss Anne Lister, 1791-1840. No priest but love

Lister, Anne, 1791-1840 2020 Biography B LIS

Kiss myself goodbye : the many lives of Aunt Munca

Mount, Ferdinand, 1939- 2020 Biography B MOU

Diary of an MP's wife : inside and outside power

Swire, Sasha 2020 Biography B SWI

The prettiest horse in the glue factory : a memoir

White, Corey 2020 Biography B WHI

Nahn al'iijabiu.

Papas, Anita 2020 Foreign Language 158.1 PAP Arabic

25 sui, ru he gui hua ni de ren sheng : xie gei shi nian hou bu hou hui de zi ji

Matsūra, Yatarō, 1965- 2020 Foreign Language 305.23 MAT Chinese

Zhu chu jing xuan! : jing dian Yidali cai

Ochiai, Tsutomu 2020 Foreign Language 641.5945 OCH Chines

Jia chang cai de zhi sheng yi ji

Chen, Yuhui 2020 Foreign Language 641.5951 CHE Chines

Hai xian peng tiao mi jue yi ci xue hui

2020 Foreign Language 641.692 HAI Chinese

Yi wan mei wei hao tang

2020 Foreign Language 641.813 YI Chinese

Ying yang jian kang de mian bao

Yi, Yu-sŏn 2020 Foreign Language 641.815 YI Chinese

Hui ying : pei yang hai zi ji ji de xing wei xi guan

Wang, Puhua 2020 Foreign Language 649.7 WAN Chinese


Grisham, John 2020 Foreign Language 813 GRI Russian

Denʹ, Kogda my byli schastlivy

Hunter, Georgia, 1978- 2020 Foreign Language 813 HUN Russian

Election day of the dead : seventy haiku from the Americas

Drumheller, Doc 2020 Foreign Language 821 DRU Spanish

Zheng yan = The testaments

Atwood, Margaret, 1939- 2020 Foreign Language 823 ATW Chinese

Na pole farli : roman

Bowen, Rhys 2020 Foreign Language 823 BOW Russian

Vyslushaĭ meni︠a︡

Durrant, Sabine 2020 Foreign Language 823 DUR Russian

Di san ren

Greene, Graham, 1904-1991 2020 Foreign Language 823 GRE Chinese

al-Marīḍah al-ṣāmitah

Michaelides, Alex, 1977- 2020 Foreign Language 823 MIC Arabic

Zheng chang ren

Rooney, Sally 2020 Foreign Language 823 ROO Chinese

My protiv vas

Backman, Fredrik, 1981- 2020 Foreign Language 839.73 BAC Russian

Eka adhūrā upanyāsa

Nothomb, Amélie 2020 Foreign Language 843 NOT Hindi

Konkatsu chūdoku

Akiyoshi, Rikako. 2020 Foreign Language 856.93 AKI Japanese

La leyenda del ladrón

Gómez-Jurado, Juan 2020 Foreign Language 863 GOM Spanish


Balajīta Siṅgha 2020 Foreign Language 891.423 BAL Panjabi

Sapanoṃ bhare dina : kiśoroṃ para kendrita kathāem̐

Miśra, Rāmadaraśa, 1925- 2020 Foreign Language 891.433 MIS Hindi

Yādeṃ : laghukathāem̐

Siṃha, Ajaya Kumāra, 1954- 2020 Foreign Language 891.433 SIM Hindi

Bhīṛa kā ceharā nahīṃ hotā : kahānī-saṅgraha

Upadhyāya, Govinda, 1960- 2020 Foreign Language 891.433 UPA Hindi

Lekhaka kī dāṛhī meṃ camacā : vyaṅgya-saṅkalana

Kānta, Sureśa 2020 Foreign Language 891.438 KAN Hindi

Wāpasī dā safara : cāra Pākisatānī nāwaliṭa

2020 Foreign Language 891.4393 WAP Panjab

Kleĭmo satany

Aleksandrova, N. 2020 Foreign Language 891.73 ALE Russian

Spasi meni︠a︡, pozhaluĭsta!

Bocharova, Tatʹi︠a︡na 2020 Foreign Language 891.73 BOC Russian

Papina dochka : roman

Kolochkova, Vera 2020 Foreign Language 891.73 KOL Russian

Jing jing de Dun He

Sholokhov, Mikhail Aleksandrovich, 1905-1984 2020 Foreign Language 891.73 SHO Chinese v. 1

Yuddha te shāntī : Lio Tālasatāe de prasiddha nāwala dā saṅkhepa anuwāda

Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910 2020 Foreign Language 891.73 TOL Panjabi

Zashifrovannoe serdt︠s︡e

Vavilova, Elena 2020 Foreign Language 891.73 VAV Russian

Qia si han guang yu jiao yang. 2, shang ce

Jiongjiongyouyao 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 JIO Chinese v. 1

Qia si han guang yu jiao yang. 3, shang ce

Jiongjiongyouyao 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 JIO Chinese v. 1

Gang gang = Just now

Liu, An 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 LIU Chinese

Kuang chao ren

Luo, Yijun, 1967- 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 LUO Chinese

Quan qiu gao kao

Musuli 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 MUS Chinese v. 2

Qiyue yu An Sheng

Qingshan, 1974- 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 QIN Chinese

Wang tan

Shu, Zhongmin 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 SHU Chinese

Bei guang er sheng

Sun, Rui, 1980- 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 SUN Chinese

Bian jing ye xing ren

Tian, Hao. 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 TIA Chinese

Hou Dali xing zhen bi ji

Xiaoqiaolaoshu 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 XIA Chinese

Hou Dali xing zhen bi ji. , 2, bian gu xun xiong

Xiaoqiaolaoshu 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 XIA Chinese

Hou Dali xing zhen bi ji. 3, Jian zheng feng yun

Xiaoqiaolaoshu 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 XIA Chinese

Que xi zhe. The absentee Shang =

Xia, Mingyou, 1988- 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 XIA Chinese v. 1

Ni ye you jin tian

Ye, Feiran 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 YE Chinese v. 1

Rang wo liu zai ni shen bian

Zhang, Jiajia, 1980- 2020 Foreign Language 895.13 ZHA Chinese

Dang ni xue hui du chu

Zhou, Guoping, 1945- 2020 Foreign Language 895.14 ZHO Chinese

Kimi o egakeba uso ni naru

Ayasaki, Shun. 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 AYA Japanese

Shinda remon

Bell, Finn. 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 BEL Japanese

Yane no ue no obāchan

Fujita, Yoshiyasu. 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 FUJ Japanese

11 moji no satsujin = The 11-character murder

Higashino, Keigo, 1958- 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 HIG Japanese

Kusunoki no bannin = The camphorwood custodian

Higashino, Keigo, 1958- 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 HIG Japanese

Gyaku Sokuratesu

Isaka, Kōtarō, 1971- 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 ISA Japanese

Honjitsu wa dō saremashita

Katō, Gen, 1973- 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 KAT Japanese

Makaron wa makaron

Kondō, Fumie, 1969- 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 KON Japanese

Kuroi kekkon shiroi kekkon

2020 Foreign Language 895.63 KUR Japanese

Ichininshō tansū

Murakami, Haruki, 1949- 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 MUR Japanese

Ming an

Natsume, Sōseki, 1867-1916 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 NAT Chinese

Chixiuye jia de chuan shuo

Sakuraba, Kazuki, 1971- 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 SAK Chinese

Shiawase no puchi

Shukawa, Minato. 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 SHU Japanese

Xu Zhuoyun shuo Meiguo : Yi ge bu duan bian hua de xian dai xi fang wen ming

Xu, Zhuoyun 2020 Foreign Language 973.91 XU Chinese

Hui gui gu li

Eribon, Didier 2020 Foreign Language B ERI Chinese

iPad : portable genius

McFedries, Paul 2021 004.1675 MACF

Windows 10

McFedries, Paul 2021 005.446 WIN10

Microsoft 365

Bucki, Lisa A. 2021 005.5 BUC

Professional troublemaker : the fear-fighter manual

Ajayi Jones, Luvvie 2021 152.46 AJA

Why wouldn't ya?

Eva, Jess 2021 158.1 EVA

Improv your life

Evans, Pippa 2021 158.1 EVA

Changing gear : creating the life you want after a full-on career

Hall, Jan (Executive recruiter) 2021 158.1 HAL

Flex : reinventing work for a smarter, happier life

Auerbach, Annie 2021 158.1082 AUE

Beyond order : 12 more rules for life

Peterson, Jordan B. 2021 170.44 PET

Revolt : the worldwide uprising against globalization

Eyal, Nadav, 1979- 2021 303.483 EYA

The Ruby Princess

McNab, Duncan 2021 303.485 MACN

The Barbizon : the hotel that set women free

Bren, Paulina 2021 305.409 BRE

Kurdish women's stories

2021 305.40956 KUR

The truth about modern slavery

Kenway, Emily 2021 306.362 KEN

In their shoes : navigating non-binary life

Windust, Jamie 2021 306.768 WIN

Kamala's way : an American life

Morain, Dan 2021 328.73092 HAR

A banquet of consequences reloaded

Das, Satyajit 2021 330.0112 DAS

Mission economy : a moonshot guide to changing capitalism

Mazzucato, Mariana, 1968- 2021 338.9 MAZ

Intensive care : a GP, a community & Covid-19

Francis, Gavin 2021 362.1962 FRA

Saving justice : truth, transparency, and trust

Comey, James B., Jr., 1960- 2021 363.25092 COM

Summertime : reflections on a vanishing future

Celermajer, Danielle 2021 363.379 CEL

The husband poisoner

Bretherton, Tanya 2021 364.1523 BRE

How space works

2021 520 HOW

The disappearance of butterflies

Reichholf, Josef 2021 595.789 REI

100 Australian birds

Angus, Georgia 2021 598.0994 ANG

Good for you

Chitham, Claire 2021 613 CHI , Large Book

Yoga for weight loss

Fishman, Loren 2021 613.7046 FIS

Radical rest : get more done by doing less

Lister, Richard 2021 613.79 LIS

Sleep easy

Tuffery, Bernice 2021 613.794 TUF

I'm so effing tired

Shah, Amy 2021 616.0478 SHA

My year of living vulnerably

Morton, Rick (Journalist) 2021 616.8521 MOR

Emotional female

Kadota, Yumiko 2021 617.092 KAD

How to garden.

2021 635 HOW

New wild garden : natural-style planting and practicalities

Hodgson, Ian (Gardener) 2021 635.9676 HOD

Gluten free favourites

2021 641.56318 GLU

Eat plants, be happy!

Griffiths, Caroline 2021 641.5636 GRI

My Indian kitchen

Todd, Sarah 2021 641.5954 TOD

Essential skills for dressmakers

Shore, Debbie (Writer on sewing) 2021 646.4 SHO

Great skin : secrets the beauty industry doesn't tell you

Lotringen, Ingeborg van 2021 646.726 LOT

The home and happiness botanical handbook

Waller, Pip 2021 648.5 WAL

Bookkeeping essentials for dummies

Curtis, Veechi 2021 657.2 CUR

Artistic places

Hodge, Susie, 1960- 2021 700.42 HOD

Why have there been no great women artists?

Nochlin, Linda 2021 704.042 NOC

Mega manga characters

Cámara, Sergi 2021 741.51 CAM

Miller's collectables handbook & price guide. 2021-2022

Miller, Judith, 1951- 2021 745.1075 MIL

Flower colour theory

Putnam, Darroch, (Floral designer) 2021 745.92 PUT

The art of punch needle embroidery

Suarez, Marie 2021 746.44 SUA , + pattern

150 best of the best apartment ideas

Zamora Mola, Francesc 2021 747.88314 ZAM

The lives of Lucian Freud. Fame,1968-2011

Feaver, William 2021 759.2 FRE

Ken Done : art, design, life

Bell, Amber Creswell 2021 759.994 DON , Large Book

A vocabulary

Connew, Bruce 2021 770.92 CON

Russell Lee : a photographer's life and legacy

Appel, Mary Jane 2021 770.92 LEE

Bowie : changes 1947-2016

2021 786.9 BOW , Large Book

T. Rex : the ultimate music guide.

2021 786.9 T , Large Book

Appropriate : a provocation

Rekdal, Paisley 2021 808.02 REK

Love and other poems

Dimitrov, Alex 2021 811 DIM

Festival days

Beard, Jo Ann 2021 818 BEA

Unsolaced : along the way to all that is

Ehrlich, Gretel 2021 818 EHR

The sets

Billot, Victor, 1972- 2021 821 BIL

Tōku pāpā

Solly, Ruby, 1996- 2021 821 SOL


Joyce, James, 1882-1941 2021 822 JOY

Buried not dead : essays

McGregor, Fiona, 1965- 2021 824 MACG

Tranquillity and ruin

McLauchlan, Danyl, 1974- 2021 824 MACL

The Aeneid

Virgil 2021 873.1 VIR

Scotland's highlands & islands

Wilson, Neil, 1959- 2021 914.115 WIL

Devon & Cornwall

Berry, Oliver 2021 914.235 BER

Rick Steves Germany

Steves, Rick, 1955- 2021 914.3 STE

Best day walks Italy : easy escapes into nature

Clark, Gregor (Travel writer) 2021 914.5 CLA

USA's national parks

Isalska, Anita 2021 917.3 ISA

Grand Canyon National Park

Bell, Loren (Travel writer) 2021 917.9132 BEL

New Zealand's North Island (Te Ika-a-Māui)

Atkinson, Brett 2021 919.31 ATK

New Zealand's South Island (Te Waipounamu)

Atkinson, Brett 2021 919.37 ATK

Quiet courage : forgotten heroes of World War Two

Matthews, Tony, 1949- 2021 940.5394 MAT

Princes of the Renaissance

Hollingsworth, Mary 2021 945.05 HOL


2021 956.1 TUR

Blindfold : a memoir of capture, torture, and enlightenment

Padnos, Theo, 1968- 2021 956.91042 PAD

The Old Porirua Road

Bruce, Murray, 1940- 2021 993.63 BRU

Tom Stoppard : a life

Lee, Hermione 2021 Biography B STO

Farm for life : mahi, mana and life on the land

Walker, Tangaroa 2021 Biography B WAL

Of gold & dust : a memoir of a creative life

Wills, Samantha 2021 Biography B WIL

Black boy out of time : a memoir

Ziyad, Hari 2021 Biography B ZIY


(38 titles)

A bump along the way

Motion picture (DVD)

A song to remember

Motion picture (DVD)

A white, white day

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Grantchester. Series 5.

Television program (DVD)

Honey boy

Motion picture (DVD)

In the name of the land

Motion picture (DVD)

Last tango in Halifax. Series 5.

Television program (DVD)

Lost on Everest.

Documentary (DVD)

Lucky grandma.

Motion picture (DVD)

MacGyver. Season 3.

Television program (DVD)

Made in Italy.

Motion picture (DVD)

My days of glory.

Motion picture (DVD)

Never look away

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Room 212

Motion picture (DVD)

Rosehaven. Series 4.

Television program (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Soul [4K Ultra]

Motion picture (Bluray)


Motion picture (Bluray)


Motion picture (DVD)

The Mallorca files. Series one.

Television program (DVD)

The mystery of Henri Pick.

Motion picture (DVD)

The Salisbury poisonings.

Television program (DVD)

The trench.

Motion picture (DVD)

The undoing : an HBO limited series.

Television program (DVD)

The witches

Motion picture (DVD)

Three identical strangers.

Documentary (DVD)

Will & Grace, the revival. Season 3

Television program (DVD)

Wonder Woman 1984 [4K Ultra]

Motion picture (Bluray)

Wonder Woman 1984

Motion picture (Bluray)

Wonder Woman 1984

Motion picture (DVD)


(73 titles)

Young, gifted and black.

Franklin, Aretha, 1942-2018 1972 Vinyl Soul/R&B

Somethin' else.

Adderley, Julian "Cannonball", 1928-1975 2018 Vinyl Jazz


2020 CD Cello

Cello concertos

2020 CD Concertos/Cello

Piano concerto 3 ; Triple concerto

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827 2020 CD Concertos/Various

Violin concertos

2020 CD Concertos/Violin

All the good times are past and gone

Welch, Gillian, 1967- 2020 CD Country


Oneohtrix Point Never, 1982- 2020 CD Experimental

Time outtakes

Brubeck, Dave, 1920-2012 2020 CD Jazz

Out of my province.

Reid, Nadia, 1991- 2020 CD New Zealand

Il paria

Donizetti, Gaetano, 1797-1848 2020 CD Operas

Amici e rivali

Rossini, Gioacchino, 1792-1868 2020 CD Operas

Christ on the Mount of Olives

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827 2020 CD Oratorios

Die Schöpfung

Haydn, Joseph, 1732-1809 2020 CD Oratorios

La vanità del mondo

2020 CD Oratorios

Feste romane : Fontane di Roma ; Pini di Roma

Respighi, Ottorino, 1879-1936 2020 CD Orchestral

The lark ascending

Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958. 2020 CD Orchestral

Fine Young Cannibals.

Fine Young Cannibals 2020 CD Popular

The raw & the cooked.

Fine Young Cannibals 2020 CD Popular

On all fours.

Goat Girl 2020 CD Popular

Power corruption and lies.

New Order 2020 CD Popular

Songs for the drunk and broken hearted.

Passenger, 1984- 2020 CD Popular

A place for us to dream.

Placebo 2020 CD Popular

Love is the king.

Tweedy, Jeff, 1967- 2020 CD Popular

Live Drugs.

War on Drugs 2020 CD Popular

Way down in the rust bucket

Young, Neil, 1945- 2020 CD Popular

Just dropped in (to see what condition my rendition was in)

Jones, Sharon, 1956-2016 2020 CD Soul/R&B

The RCA albums 1977-1985, with bonus tracks.

King, Evelyn "Champagne", 1960- 2020 CD Soul/R&B

Symphony no. 3

2020 CD Symphonies

Symphonies nos. 9 & 10

Shostakovich, Dmitriĭ Dmitrievich, 1906-1975 2020 CD Symphonies

Symphony no. 5 ; Francesca da Rimini

Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich, 1840-1893 2020 CD Symphonies

Sonates & trio

Saint-Saëns, Camille, 1835-1921 2020 CD Trios

Violin sonatas nos. 7 & 10

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827 2020 CD Violin

World VI : Swiss music.

2020 CD World


Bailter Space 2020 Vinyl New Zealand

Love is the king.

Tweedy, Jeff, ,1967- 2020 Vinyl Popular


Weta (Musical group) 2020 Vinyl Wellington

What a time to be alive

2021 CD Compilations

That's life.

Nelson, Willie, 1933- 2021 CD Country


Bicep 2021 CD Electronica

Angel tears in sunlight.

Strom, Pauline Anna, 1946-2020 2021 CD Electronica

Good woman

Staves 2021 CD English & Celtic folk

Vol. 4 : super deluxe.

Black Sabbath 2021 CD Metal

Awa blues.

Haua, Grant 2021 CD New Zealand

Stop the hate ; For(e)ward.

Kuti, Femi, 1962- 2021 CD Nigeria


2021 CD Operas

Verklärte Nacht

2021 CD Orchestral

On an overgrown path ; In the mists ; Sonata 1.X.1905

Janáček, Leoš, 1854-1928 2021 CD Piano


Liszt, Franz, 1811-1886 2021 CD Piano

Little oblivions.

Baker, Julien, 1995- 2021 CD Popular

Stage fright.

Band (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular

For the first time.

Black Country, New Road 2021 CD Popular

Glowing in the dark.

Django Django 2021 CD Popular


Dylan, Bob, 1941- 2021 CD Popular

Stories from the city, stories from the sea : demos.

Harvey, P. J., 1969- 2021 CD Popular

When you see yourself.

Kings of Leon 2021 CD Popular

As the love continues.

Mogwai (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular

OK human.

Weezer 2021 CD Popular

Neil Young archives. Vol. II, 1972-1976.

Young, Neil, 1945- 2021 CD Popular

String quartets Nos. 1 and 2

Janáček, Leoš, 1854-1928 2021 CD Quartets

Not your muse.

Celeste, 1994- 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Collapsed in sunbeams.

Parks, Arlo, 2000- 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Symphonies nos. 2 & 8

2021 CD Symphonies


Raven Mavens 2021 CD Wellington

A Donny Hathaway collection.

Hathaway, Donny, 1945-1979 2021 Vinyl Soul/R&B


(245 titles)


Adeney, Amy 2021 Chapter Book

Telling time

Adler, David A. 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Amari and the night brothers

Alston, B. B. 2021 Audiobook on CD

My heart grows

Arndt, Michael 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Too Small Tola and the three fine girls

Atinuke 2021 Chapter Book


Baltazar, Art 2020 Comic

Tiny Titans : Beast Boy & Raven

Baltazar, Art 2020 Comic

Rainbow, rainbow, colours bright!

Barker, Scott 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

The poisonous plans of Professor Weird

Barlow, Steve 2020 Chapter Book

The sleepover surprise

Bird, Pip 2021 Chapter Book

The good old looky book

Bixley, Donovan 2020 Chapter Book

Carlos le glouton

Blabey, Aaron 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Los tipos malos en el alienígena vs. Los Tipos Malos

Blabey, Aaron 2021 Non-fiction / Language

WWE superstar handbook

Black, Jake 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Rainy day stories

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

Félix et le trésor de Morgäa

Bourget, Édith, 1954- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

June's wild flight

Brallier, Max 2020 Chapter Book

Slug in love

Bright, Rachel 2021 Picture Book

CatStronauts [6] : digital disaster

Brockington, Drew 2020 Comic

Minecraft : the mountain

Brooks, Max 2021 Chapter Book

Aliens invaded my talent show

Brown, Matt, 1973- 2021 Audiobook on CD

How a recycling truck works

Bryan, Lara 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Everybody has a body

Burgerman, Jon 2020 Picture Book

Winterborne Home for mayhem and mystery

Carter, Ally 2021 Chapter Book

Our friend hedgehog : the story of us

Castillo, Lauren 2020 Chapter Book

Cat & cat. 3, My dad has a date... ew!

Cazenove, 1969- 2020 Comic

Te rā tuatahi o Hope = Hope's first day

Chapman, Jenny, 1980- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

The dragon and her boy

Chrimes, Penny 2021 Chapter Book

The people of the Bible : visual encyclopedia

Chrisp, Peter 2021 Non-fiction / Religion

Standing on her shoulders : a celebration of women

Clark-Robinson, Monica 2021 Chapter Book

Oh my gods!

Cooke, Stephanie, 1986- 2021 Comic

Papatūānuku has a tummy ache!

Copping, A. J. 2020 Picture Book

Diva drama

Costain, Meredith 2021 Chapter Book

Let's play monsters!

Cousins, Lucy 2021 Picture Book

Pony tales. Volume 1

Dale, Jenny 2021 Audiobook on CD

Animal ark collection. 1

Daniels, Lucy 2020 Audiobook on CD

Sunny-side up

Davis, Jacky, 1966- 2021 Picture Book

The sea in winter

Day, Christine, 1993- 2021 Chapter Book

What is a virus?

Daynes, Katie 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Marvel-verse : Captain Marvel

DeConnick, Kelly Sue 2020 Comic

Trouble Island

Dixon, Franklin W 2021 Chapter Book

Messy weird!

Do, Anh 2021 Audiobook on CD

Spooky weird!

Do, Anh 2021 Audiobook on CD

Mega weird!

Do, Anh 2021 Audiobook on CD

Really weird!

Do, Anh 2021 Audiobook on CD

Ninja toys!

Do, Anh 2021 Chapter Book

Why is blood red?

Dodd, Emily 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

A dragon in a wagon

Dodd, Lynley 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Let's find Stick Man : a lift-the-flap book

Donaldson, Julia 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Let's find Zog : a lift-the-flap book

Donaldson, Julia 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Hound heroes. Vol. 1, Beware the Claw!

Doodler, Todd H 2021 Comic

Bear & Mouse birthday party

Edwards, Nicola 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Last block standing!

Eliopulos, Nick 2021 Chapter Book

La bruja de Karen

Farina, Katy 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Beak & Ally [1] : unlikely friends

Feuti, Norman 2021 Comic

This is the dog

Finn, Maura, 1974- 2021 Picture Book

The perfect parent project

Foster, Stewart, 1963- 2021 Chapter Book

Lottie Luna and the fang fairy

French, Vivian 2020 Chapter Book

Les élus des dieux

Frigiel. 2020 Non-fiction / Language

The Tindims and the turtle tangle

Gardner, Sally 2021 Chapter Book

Banksy graffitied walls and wasn't sorry

Gilberti, Fausto 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

New Zealand disasters : our response, resilience and recovery

Gill, Maria, 1961- 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

The last bear

Gold, Hannah 2021 Chapter Book

Midmost Marvin

Goodall, Callan 2020 Picture Book

The detective's guide to ocean travel

Greenberg, Nicki 2021 Chapter Book

Contre nature

Guilbault, Geneviève, 1978- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Mr. Corbett is in orbit!

Gutman, Dan 2021 Comic

Monster on the hill

Harrell, Rob 2020 Comic

The book of saints

Harrison, Paul, 1969- 2020 Non-fiction / Religion

Blue flower

Hartnett, Sonya 2021 Picture Book

Take down

Harvey, Jacqueline 2021 Chapter Book


Haughton, Chris 2021 Picture Book

"You live where?!"

Hay, John 2021 Picture Book

Anxiety and self-esteem

Head, Honor 2020 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking

Unexpected challenges

Head, Honor 2020 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking

Stunt kid seriously stacks it!

Heath, Jack, 1986- 2021 Chapter Book

The creaky creatures

Hegarty, Shane 2021 Chapter Book

We are explorers : extraordinary women who discovered the world

Herbert, Kari, 1970- 2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History

Introducing D'Lila LaRue

Hilton, Nette 2021 Chapter Book

Expedition on the tundra

Hinojosa, Stacy, 1983- 2020 Chapter Book

When Cloud became a cloud

Hodgson, Rob 2021 Picture Book

Peppa loves Easter

Holowaty, Lauren 2021 Picture Book

Fish Kid and the turtle torpedo

Howarth, Kylie 2021 Chapter Book

Strange sea creatures

Hoyt, Erich 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Girls who build : inspiring curiosity and confidence to make anything possible

Hughes, Katie 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

The last tuatara

Hunt, Des, 1941- 2021 Chapter Book

What's inside a flower? : and other questions about science & nature

Ignotofsky, Rachel, 1989- 2021 Non-fiction / Science

I see you see

Jackson, Richard, 1935- 2021 Picture Book

Animal homes

Jenkins, Martin 2021 Picture Book

Malice in Underland

Jennings, Jenni 2020 Chapter Book


Joosten, Michael 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

The great goat gaffe

Keene, Carolyn 2021 Chapter Book

When the world came together

Khan, Amber 2020 Picture Book

Are you there little dinosaur?

Kimpimäki, Essi 2021 Picture Book

Les aventures d'un copain formidable

Kinney, Jeff 2020 Non-fiction / Language

This is your brain on stereotypes : how science is tackling unconscious bias

Kyi, Tanya Lloyd, 1973- 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

Hope Jones will not eat meat

Lacey, Josh 2021 Chapter Book

Apocalypse kings

Landy, Derek 2021 Chapter Book

Ho hisse!

LaReau, Kara 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Where's Kiwi having fun?

Lawford, Myles, 1972- 2020 Chapter Book

Book's big adventure

Lehrhaupt, Adam 2021 Picture Book

Where does my poo go?

Lindley, Jo 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Golden eyes : the yellow-eyed penguinhoiho /

Lynch, Kelly 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Dragon world

Macfarlane, Tamara 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Draw and paint

Maclaine, James 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

The league of super feminists

Malle, Mirion, 1992- 2020 Comic


Mason, Paul, 1967- 2020 Non-fiction / Science


Mason, Paul, 1970- 2020 Chapter Book

La nuit

Massonaud, Emmanuelle, 1960- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

A small kindness

McAnulty, Stacy 2021 Picture Book

Mindi and the goose no one else could see

McBratney, Sam 2021 Picture Book

Sir Singlet

McMillan, Dawn 2020 Picture Book

Into the flames : a prequel

Mead, Denika 2020 Chapter Book

The ghost warriors

Mead, Denika 2020 Chapter Book

Jude the librarian fairy

Meadows, Daisy 2021 Chapter Book

Elisha the Eid fairy

Meadows, Daisy 2021 Chapter Book

Ruffles and the red red coat

Melling, David 2021 Picture Book

The thief knot

Milford, Kate 2020 Chapter Book

Michelle's garden : how the First Lady planted seeds of change

Miller, Sharee (Illustrator) 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Always Pooh and me : a collection of favourite poems

Milne, A. A. 1882-1956 2021 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

The ultimate guide to Animal Crossing : New Horizons

Milton, Stephanie 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

Oklahoma Jim

Morris, 1923-2001 2020 Comic

Ducks overboard!

Motum, Markus 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Ooey gooey gone

Mowbray, Karen 2020 Picture Book

Bad and glittering

Muncaster, Harriet 2020 Chapter Book

Mirabelle breaks the rules

Muncaster, Harriet 2021 Audiobook on CD

Space adventure

Murray, Lily 2021 Picture Book

Fairy tale adventure

Murray, Lily 2021 Picture Book

The Golden Tower

Murrell, Belinda 2021 Chapter Book

Locked down

O., Jesse 2021 Chapter Book

The adventurous unicorn

Odgers, Sally, 1957- 2021 Chapter Book

The Mythics. 2, Teenage gods

Ogaki, Philippe 2020 Comic

Cuckoo's flight

Orr, Wendy, 1953- 2021 Chapter Book

I am a fish

Otter, Isabel 2021 Non-fiction / Science

So you want to be a knight?

Pang, Hannah 2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History

Amelia Bedelia & friends mind their manners

Parish, Herman 2021 Chapter Book

The spring book

Parr, Todd 2021 Picture Book

M is for monkey illustrated by Marc Pattenden.

Pattenden, Marc 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

A Moon boy loves my best friend

Patterson, Rebecca 2021 Chapter Book

Bad dog Flash

Paul, Ruth 2020 Picture Book

La colère de Ravi

Percival, Tom, 1977- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Suulgooskii howl karka ahaa

Pere, Tuula 2021 Non-fiction / Language

The adventures of Catvinkle

Perlman, Elliot 2020 Chapter Book

Catvinkle & the missing tulips

Perlman, Elliot 2020 Chapter Book

The best Roblox games ever!

Pettman, Kevin 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

The Smurfs : 3 in 1. #3

Peyo 2020 Comic

The Smurfs : 3 in 1. #4

Peyo 2020 Comic

Ten tremendous tales

Pichon, Liz 2021 Audiobook on CD

Ten tremendous tales

Pichon, Liz 2021 Chapter Book

If you go down to the woods today

Piercey, Rachel 2021 Chapter Book

Cat Kid Comic Club

Pilkey, Dav, 1966- 2020 Comic

Super sandcastles

Poshoglian, Yvette 2021 Chapter Book

Climate crisis for beginners

Prentice, Andrew 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Naughty dragons try school

Prior, Natalie Jane, 1963- 2021 Chapter Book

Go, go, guinea pig!

Pye, Ali 2021 Chapter Book

Peril at the bake off

Quayle, Ruth 2021 Chapter Book

It's OK not to be OK

Rae, Tina 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Incredible animals

Rahwan, Dunia 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Ernie and the Magic Kennel

Rakete, Robert 2020 Picture Book

Something to say

Ramée, Lisa Moore 2020 Chapter Book

Dr Donna Rose Addis : Samoan neuroscientist

Riley, David, 1966 June 28- 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Deb and Dot and the mix-up plot

Rippin, Sally 2021 Chapter Book

Pete's big feet

Rippin, Sally 2021 Chapter Book

Hairy Sam loves bread and jam

Rippin, Sally 2021 Chapter Book

Mary has the best pet

Rippin, Sally 2021 Chapter Book

Best friends, busy friends

Rollings, Susan 2020 Picture Book

New shoes, red shoes

Rollings, Susan 2020 Picture Book


Rowling, J. K 2020 Non-fiction / Language


Russell, Jamie, 1974- 2021 Chapter Book

Evonne Goolagong

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Astrid Lindgren

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Mary Anning

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

Malala Yousafzai

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

A long road on a short day

Schmidt, Gary D. 2020 Chapter Book

When mummy goes to work

Schofield, Paul 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Plague of the Nurglings

Scott, Cavan 2020 Chapter Book

We found a monster

Scroggs, Kirk 2021 Comic

Hare & Ruru : a quiet moment

Shallcrass, Laura 2020 Picture Book

Pizza and Taco [2] : best party ever!

Shaskan, Stephen 2021 Comic

The comeback

Shen, E. L. 2021 Chapter Book

The life and times of Fuzzy Wuzzy

Sidell, Craig 2020 Picture Book

Hello, Earth! : poems to our planet

Sidman, Joyce 2021 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

Football fiesta

Siggins, Gerard 2020 Audiobook on CD

Nicky & Vera : a quiet hero of the Holocaust and the children he rescued

Sís, Peter, 1949- 2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History

Ruru's hāngī

Slade-Robinson, Nikki 2020 Non-fiction / Language

R is for rabbit

Slater, Kate, 1986- 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Lizzy Legend

Smith, Matthew Ross 2021 Chapter Book


Smith, Wilbur A. 2021 Chapter Book

Can you whistle, Johanna?

Stark, Ulf, 1944-2017 2021 Chapter Book

#The secret upstairs fan club party

Stedman, Shannan 2020 Chapter Book

Climate action : the future is in our hands

Stevens, Georgina 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Out of time : the eighth journey through time

Stilton, Geronimo 2021 Chapter Book

The ghost of Gosswater

Strange, Lucy 2020 Chapter Book

The dangerous gift

Sutherland, Tui, 1978- 2021 Chapter Book

Moon & Sun

Szymanik, Melinda, 1963- 2021 Picture Book

The secrets of astrology : a complete guide to Sun signs, planets, houses, and more

Taylor, Carole (Astrologer) 2020 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking

The great big egg hunt

Trukhan, Ekaterina 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Dragon legend

Tsang, Katie, 1987- 2021 Chapter Book

Here come the tractors : a touch-and-feel book.

Uno, Kat 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Alone. 11, The nailers in the night

Vehlmann, Fabien, 1972- 2020 Comic

Katie the catsitter

Venable, Colleen A. F. 2021 Comic

Duggie the buggy

Wallace, Sam 2021 Picture Book

Wolfpack : how young people will find their voice, unite their pack, and change the world

Wambach, Abby, 1980- 2020 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking

The adventures of Bigsy - the little horse

Warrender, A. M. G. 2020 Audiobook on CD

Enemy at the gate

Werry, Philippa, 1958- 2020 Chapter Book

Eddy Popcorn's guide to teacher taming

White, Dee 2021 Chapter Book

Stories with The Wiggles

Wiggles (Musical group) 2020 Audiobook on CD

Owl and the lost boy

Wilson, Amy 2020 Chapter Book

The runaway girls

Wilson, Jacqueline 2021 Chapter Book

Syd, the muster pony

Wilson, Kelly, 1989- 2021 Chapter Book

The magic of sleep

Woodgate, Vicky 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

The no-cook cookbook

Woollard, Rebecca 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Rajah Street

Yim, Myo 2021 Picture Book

Martin McLean, middle school queen

Zaczek, Alyssa 2020 Chapter Book

The fallen hero

Zhao, Katie 2020 Chapter Book

The abominable snow golem

Zombie, Zack (Fictitious character) 2021 Chapter Book

The giant's almanac

Zurcher, Andrew 2021 Chapter Book

Guy talk : the ultimate body book for boys

2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Junior encyclopedia of animated characters.

2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Benji the dove.

2021 DVD

Dragon rider.

2021 DVD


2021 DVD

The potty badge.

2021 Picture Book (Board Book)


(79 titles)

Clap when you land

Acevedo, Elizabeth 2020 Fiction

Waking Romeo

Barker, Kathryn 2021 Fiction

Reaper of souls

Barron, Rena 2021 Fiction

Young Justice [3] : warriors and warlords

Bendis, Brian Michael 2020 Comic

Firekeeper's daughter

Boulley, Angeline 2021 Fiction

Dawn of X. Volume 11

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