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New Booklists — March 2021

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(179 titles)

Undercover bromance

Adams, Lyssa Kay 2020

The opium prince

Aimaq, Jasmine 2020

The family business

Allen, Hania 2020

The falcon always wings twice

Andrews, Donna 2020 Large Print

The children's train : a novel

Ardone, Viola, 1974- 2021

A stitch in time

Armstrong, Kelley 2020

Meet me in Bombay : a novel

Ashcroft, Jenny, 1980- 2021

The revelators

Atkins, Ace 2020

A sky full of stars

Atkins, Dani. 2021

Deadman's track

Barrie, Sarah 2020 Large Print


Bauer, Belinda, 1962- 2020


Beckett, L. X. 2021

Post mortem

Bell, Gary 2021

For the dead

Bengtsdotter, Lina, 1977- 2020

The Windsor knot

Bennett, S. J. 2020

A time to lie

Berthon, Simon 2020

City of vengeance

Bishop, D. V. 2021

The women and the girls

Bloom, Laura 2021

Fireheart tiger

Bodard, Aliette de 2021

City of margins

Boyle, William, 1978- 2020

If I disappear

Brazier, Eliza Jane 2021

Dead letters

Brissenden, Michael 2021

Death and the brewery queen

Brody, Frances 2020

Pretty things : a novel

Brown, Janelle 2020

The moment before impact

Bruce, Alison 2020

A burning sea

Brun, Theodore (Historical fiction writer) 2020


Butler, Halle 2020

Wild seed

Butler, Octavia E 2020

Clay's ark

Butler, Octavia E. 2020

Snowy Mountains daughter

Callen, Alissa 2021

Shadow of the dragon

Cameron, Marc 2020 Large Print

We could be heroes

Chen, Mike 2021

The sentinel

Child, Lee 2020 Large Print

Egg shooters

Childs, Laura 2021


Christine, Lee 2021

Kiss the girls and make them cry

Clark, Mary Higgins 2020 Large Print

Piece of my heart

Clark, Mary Higgins 2020 Large Print

The darkest evening

Cleeves, Ann 2020 Large Print

Daddy : stories

Cline, Emma 2020 Large Print

I'm just a teenage punchbag

Clune, Jackie 2020

The archer

Coelho, Paulo 2020 Large Print

Deceive me

Cole, Karen 2020


Conley, Susan, 1967- 2021

The hungry road

Conlon-McKenna, Marita 2020

The murder club

Crutchley, Nikki, 1978- 2020


Dahl, Alex 2020


Dalglish, David 2021

Nowhere to be found

De Lange, Louisa 2020

The dance of the serpents

De Muriel, Oscar 2020

Girl A

Dean, Abigail 2021


Disher, Garry 2020

Tropic of stupid

Dorsey, Tim 2021

Lullaby beach

Duffy, Stella 2021

Pru goes troppo

Eldred-Grigg, Stevan, 1952- 2020


Enright, Anne, 1962- 2020

Dangerous to know

Esposito, Chloé. 2020

The book of Malachi

Farren, Tracey 2020

The lying life of adults

Ferrante, Elena 2020 Large Print

Peace talks

Finch, Tim 2020

The conjure-man dies

Fisher, Rudolph, 1897-1934 2020

The wonder boy of Whistle Stop : a novel

Flagg, Fannie 2020 Large Print

Before she disappeared

Gardner, Lisa 2021

All the lonely people

Gayle, Mike 2020

Lady in waiting : an extraordinary life in the shadow of the crown

Glenconner, Anne 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

Dark tides

Gregory, Philippa 2020 Large Print

The Clerkenwell affair

Gregory, Susanna, 1958- 2020

The Night Hawks

Griffiths, Elly 2021

A time for mercy

Grisham, John 2020 Large Print

V2 : a novel of World War II

Harris, Robert, 1957- 2020 Large Print

The return

Harrison, Rachel, 1989- 2020

The unwilling

Hart, John, 1965- 2021

Dear child

Hausmann, Romy, 1981- 2020

Collected stories

Hazzard, Shirley, 1931-2016 2020

Love, death & rare books : a novel

Hellenga, Robert, 1941-2020 2020

Shipped : a novel

Hockman, Angie 2021

The governess

Holden, Wendy, 1965- 2020


Hoover, Colleen 2020

The inner darkness

Horst, Jørn Lier, 1970- 2020

Death deserved

Horst, Jørn Lier, 1970- 2020

The nothing man

Howard, Catherine Ryan. 2020

Attack on Titan. 32

Isayama, Hajime, 1986- 2020 Graphic Novel

A woman's promise

Jacobs, Anna 2020

Winging it

Jefferson, Anna 2020

The royal correspondent

Joel, Alexandra, 1953- 2021

The forever sea

Johnson, Joshua Phillip 2021

The institute

King, Stephen, 1947- 2020 Large Print


Klay, Phil 2020

Three single wives : a novel

LaManna, Gina 2020

Wild at heart : the dangers & delights of a nomadic life

Lancewood, Miriam, 1983- 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

Wizard of the pigeons

Lindholm, Megan 2020

Shadow of Fog Island

Lindstein, Mariette 2021

God of night

Lloyd, Tom, 1979- 2020

Agent Sonya : Moscow's most daring wartime spy

Macintyre, Ben, 1963- 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

The tour

Mackie, Andrew (Film producer) 2021

Christmas for beginners

Matthews, Carole 2020

Deacon King Kong

McBride, James, 1957- 2020

Your inner hedgehog

McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- 2021

How to raise an elephant

McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- 2020 Large Print


McConaghy, Charlotte 2020 Large Print

Murder at Mabel's Motel

McKevett, G. A. 2021

The art of falling : a novel

McLaughlin, Danielle, 1969- 2021

An elegant woman : a novel

McPhee, Martha 2020

Beyond Kuiper : the galactic star alliance. Part one

Medney, Matthew (CEO Heavy Metal) 2020

Irish parade murder

Meier, Leslie 2021

Rainbow milk

Mendez, Paul, 1982- 2020

Truth and justice

Michaels, Fern 2020 Large Print

The blade between : a novel

Miller, Sam J. 2020

The city of tears

Mosse, Kate, 1961- 2021

Christine's man

Mushin, Jerry 2020

The kingdom

Nesbø, Jo, 1960- 2020 Large Print

A history of what comes next

Neuvel, Sylvain, 1973- 2021

A promised land

Obama, Barack 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

Twilight of the gods

Oden, Scott 2020

Fake accounts : a novel

Oyler, Lauren 2021

Love & other crimes : stories

Paretsky, Sara 2020

The Russian

Patterson, James, 1947- 2021

The last days of John Lennon

Patterson, James, 1947- 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

All the devils are here

Penny, Louise 2020 Large Print

A Christmas resolution

Perry, Anne 2020 Large Print

Death with a double edge

Perry, Anne. 2020

Red Lead : the naval cat with nine lives

Perry, Roland, 1946- 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

Secrets of my heart

Peterson, Tracie 2020

True story

Petty, Kate Reed 2020

True story : a novel

Petty, Kate Reed 2020

Glass houses : and other stories

Phillips, Karen (Short story writer) 2020

A spark of light

Picoult, Jodi, 1966- 2020 Large Print

These women

Pochoda, Ivy 2020

The evidence

Priest, Christopher. 2020

Bride of the sea : a novel

Quotah, Eman 2021

Pulpit Rock

Rhodes, Kate 2020

Shadows in death

Robb, J. D., 1950- 2020 Large Print

The awakening

Roberts, Nora 2020 Large Print

The rise of magicks

Roberts, Nora 2020 Large Print

Hello friend we missed you

Roberts, Richard Owain 2020

The perfect guests

Rous, Emma 2021

88 names : a novel

Ruff, Matt 2020

Hidden lies

Ryan, Rachel. 2021

The devils you know

Sanders, Ben, 1989- 2021

Highland treasure

Sands, Lynsay 2021


Schlink, Bernhard 2020

What could be saved

Schwarz, Liese O'Halloran 2021

When I come home again

Scott, Caroline 2020

Brother red

Selby, Adrian 2021

The mask falling

Shannon, Samantha, 1991- 2021

The beach caves

Shearston, Trevor. 2021

Thirteen storeys

Sims, Jonathan. 2020

Help yourself : stories

Sittenfeld, Curtis 2020

The ex talk

Solomon, Rachel Lynn 2021

Medici. Supremacy

Strukul, Matteo, 1973- 2020


Tursten, Helene, 1954- 2020

Death of a shipbuilder

Tyler, L. C 2020

Little disasters

Vaughan, Sarah, 1972- 2020 Large Print

The game

Veste, Luca 2020

Cobble Hill : a novel

Von Ziegesar, Cecily 2020

Our fathers

Wait, Rebecca 2020

The cold millions : a novel

Walter, Jess, 1965- 2020

We begin at the end

Whitaker, Chris 2020

A lady compromised

Wilde, Darcie 2020

The Dacian enigma

Williams, Charles Edward 2020

The dictionary of lost words

Williams, Pip, 1969- 2020 Large Print

The silent listener

Yeowart, Lyn 2021

Stasi winter

Young, David, 1958- 2020

The Stasi game

Young, David, 1958- 2020

Lockdown : tales from Aotearoa.

2020 Graphic Novel


(445 titles)

iPhone : portable genius

McFedries, Paul 2021 004.1675 MACF

iPhone for seniors in easy steps

Vandome, Nick 2020 004.1675 VAN

MacOS Big Sur for dummies

LeVitus, Bob 2021 005.446 LEV

Excel : portable genius

Bucki, Lisa A. 2021 005.54 ME

Humankind : a hopeful history

Bregman, Rutger, 1988- 2020 128 BRE

Gem magic : precious stones and their mystical qualities

Walters, Raymond J. L. 2020 133.2548 WAL

A little happier : notes for reassurance

Brown, Derren 2020 152.42 BRO

Daily rituals : women at work

Currey, Mason 2020 153.35 CUR

The art of impossible : a peak performance primer

Kotler, Steven, 1967- 2021 153.8 KOT

Unique : the new science of human individuality

Linden, David J., 1961- 2020 155.22 LIN

Keep moving : notes on loss, creativity, and change

Smith, Maggie, 977- 2020 155.24 SMI

Women of a certain rage : life stories

Byrski, Liz, 1944- 2021 155.333 BYR

Relax : a user's guide to life in the age of anxiety

Caulfield, Timothy A., 1963- 2021 155.9042 CAU

The state of disbelief

Rosenfeld, Juliet 2020 155.937 ROS

Be more kid : how to escape the grown up trap and live life to the full!

Taylor, Mark (Certified master trainer of NLP) 2021 158 TAY

Failosophy : a handbook for when things go wrong

Day, Elizabeth, 1978- 2020 158.1 DAY

Changing the picture

Ziglar, Zig 2020 158.1 ZIG

Note to self : the secrets of calm

Ballagh, Rebekah 2020 158.13 BAL

Being Ram Dass

Ram Dass 2021 204.092 RAM

Unorthodox : the scandalous rejection of my Hasidic roots

Feldman, Deborah, 1986- 2020 296.833092 FEL

This is the voice

Colapinto, John, 1958- 2021 302.2242 COL

Women and leadership : real lives, real lessons

Gillard, Julia 2020 303.34082 GIL

Apocalypse how? : technology and the threat of disaster

Letwin, Oliver, 1956- 2020 303.483 LET

Ten lessons for a post-pandemic world

Zakaria, Fareed 2020 303.49 ZAK

Quandaries of belonging : notes on home, from abroad

Jackson, Michael, 1940- 2021 304.8 JAC

Feminist international : how to change everything

Gago, Verónica 2020 305.42 GAG

Mill town : reckoning with what remains

Arsenault, Kerri 2020 305.562092 ARS

The invisible Muslim : journeys through whiteness and Islam

Whiteman, Medina Tenour 2020 305.697 WHI

This is why I resist

Mos-Shogbamimu, Shola 2021 305.8 MOS

The pulse glass and the beat of other hearts

Tindall, Gillian 2020 306.09 TIN

Postcolonialism : a very short introduction

Young, Robert, 1950- 2020 325.3 YOU

Agent Sonya : Moscow's most daring wartime spy

Macintyre, Ben, 1963- 2020 327.1247 MACI

America and Iran : a history, 1720 to the present

Ghazvinian, John H. 1974- 2021 327.55073 GHA

Religion and the rise of capitalism

Friedman, Benjamin M 2021 330.122 FRI

The Russian economy : a very short introduction

Connolly, Richard, 1979- 2020 330.947 CON

Socialism : a very short introduction

Newman, Michael, 1946- 2020 335 NEW

After Trump : reconstructing the presidency

Bauer, Robert F. 2020 352.23 BAU

Last stands : why men fight when all is lost

Walsh, Michael, 1949- 2020 355.409 WAL

Breathtaking : inside the NHS in a time of pandemic

Clarke, Rachel (Physician) 2021 362.1962 CLA

A nurse's story

Curtis, Louise, (Nurse) 2020 362.1962 CUR

The naked farmer

Brooksby, Ben. 2020 362.2092 BRO

Glorious rock bottom

Gordon, Bryony 2020 362.29092 GOR

Our only home : a climate appeal to the world

Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama XIV, 1935- 2020 363.73874 BST

The new climate war : the fight to take back our planet

Mann, Michael E., 1965- 2021 363.73874 MAN

What if? : play inspired by nature

Wallis, Stacey 2020 372.21 WAL

No rules rules : Netflix and the culture of reinvention

Hastings, Reed, 1960- 2020 384.555 HAS

The way we wed : a global history of wedding fashion

Chrisman-Campbell, Kimberly 2020 392.5409 CHR

Heroines of Olympus : the women of Greek mythology

Mackin Roberts, Ellie 2020 398.20938 MACK

Merpeople : a human history

Scribner, Vaughn 2020 398.21 SCR

The stubborn light of things : a nature diary

Harrison, Melissa, 1975- 2020 508.092 HAR

The consolation of nature : spring in the time of coronavirus

McCarthy, Michael, approximately 1947- 2020 508.41 MACC

Black hole survival guide

Levin, Janna 2020 523.8875 LEV

Soft matter : a very short introduction

McLeish, Tom 2020 530.413 MACL

Fifty words for snow

Campbell, Nancy, 1978- 2020 551.5784 CAM

What is life? : five great ideas in biology

Nurse, Paul, 1949- 2021 570.1 NUR

The life & love of the forest

Blackwell, Lewis, 1958- 2020 582.16 BLA , Large Book

The country camera

Ferens, Christina G. 1953- 2020 598.0993 FER

Featherhood : on birds and fathers

Gilmour, Charlie Samson 2020 598.864 GIL

Featherhood : a memoir of two fathers and a magpie

Gilmour, Charlie Samson 2021 598.864 GIL

The handbook of New Zealand mammals

2021 599.0993 HAN , Large Book

The wild life of the fox

Lewis-Stempel, John 2020 599.775 LEW

Borrowed time : the science of how and why we age

Armstrong, Sue (Writer on science) 2020 612.67 ARM

Is it tomorrow yet? : paradoxes of the pandemic

Krastev, Ivan, 1965- 2020 616.2414 KRA

Celiac disease : a hidden epidemic

Green, Peter H. R. 2020 616.399 GRE

The book of angst : understand and manage anxiety

Smith, Gwendoline 2021 616.8522 SMI

The empire of depression : a new history

Sadowsky, Jonathan Hal 2021 616.8527 SAD

Golem girl : a memoir

Lehrer, Riva, 1958- 2020 617.482 LEH

Back exercise : stabilize, mobilize, and reduce pain

Richey, Brian, 1971- 2021 617.564 RIC

The mission

Brown, David W. 2021 629.43545 BRO

Being the supervet : how animals saved my life

Fitzpatrick, Noel, 1967- 2020 636.089092 FIT

A zero waste family in thirty days

Vandyke, Anita 2020 640 VAN

You've got to be kidding

Alexander, Todd 2021 641.22092 ALE

Eating with my mouth open

Van Zweden, Sam 2021 641.3 VAN

Always add lemon

Alvarez, Danielle 2020 641.5 ALV

Fuss free family food

Pope, Rebecca 2021 641.5 POP

Happy food for life : health, food & happiness

Ennart, Henrik, 1960- 2020 641.563 ENN

Restore : a modern guide to sustainable eating

Erskine, Gizzi 2020 641.563 ERS

Eat better forever : 7 ways to transform your diet

Fearnley-Whittingstall, Hugh 2020 641.563 FEA

The medicinal chef : eat your way to better health

Pinnock, Dale, 1977- 2021 641.563 PIN

The best of Diabetic Living

2021 641.56314 BES

Vegetarian hassle free gluten free

Devonshire, Jane 2020 641.56318 DEV

The Hairy Bikers' veggie feasts

King, Si 2020 641.5636 KIN

Meal prep vegetarian

2021 641.5636 MEA

Delicious. Best of summer.

2021 641.564 DEL

How wild things are

Gregory, Analiese 2021 641.59946 GRE

Oats in the north, wheat from the south

Ysewijn, Regula 2020 641.815 YSE

Fruit cake : recipes for the curious baker

Schreiber, Jason 2020 641.8653 SCH

The dressmaking book

Smith, Alison 2021 646.4 SMI

The secret of half-arsed parenting

O'Brien, Susie 2021 649.1 OBR

Raising girls who like themselves

Edwards, Kasey 2021 649.133 EDW


King, Madonna 2021 649.133 KIN

Ageless startup : start a business at any age

Terrien, Rick 2020 658.11 TER

Believe in people : bottom-up solutions for a top-down world

Koch, Charles G. 1935- 2020 658.314 KOC

The character edge : leading and winning with integrity

Caslen, Robert L., Jr., 1953- 2020 658.4092 CAS

Brand elevation : lessons in ueber-branding

Schaefer, Wolfgang 2021 658.827 SCH

Graphis design annual.

659.13058 GRA ed 2021 , Large Book

In memory of : designing contemporary memorials

Bailey, Spencer, 1985- 2020 724.7 BAI

A life in ink

Steadman, Ralph 2020 741.5942 STE

The practical book of card-making

Owen, Cheryl 2020 745.5941 OWE

Innovative weaving on the frame loom

Crone-Findlay, Noreen 2020 746.14 CRO

Gabrielle Chanel : fashion manifesto

Arnaud, Claude 2020 746.92092 CHA

A tale of interiors : the art of more

Pierce, Catherine (Author) 2020 747 PIE

Collected. Volume no 1, City + country

Richardson, Sarah, 1971- 2020 747 RIC

More beautiful : all-American decoration

Sikes, Mark D. 2020 747.0973 SIK

Ultimate wonder plants : your urban jungle interior

Schampaert, Irene 2020 747.98 SCH , Large Book

Philip Guston : a life spent painting

Storr, Robert 2020 759.13 GUS

Endless yet never

Edmond, Martin 2020 759.993 MACC

Karl Maughan

Maughan, Karl 2020 759.993 MAU

iPhone photography for dummies

Hemmings, Mark 2020 775 HEM

Bananarama : really saying something

Dallin, Sara, 1961- 2020 786.9 BAN

Darkthrone's A blaze in the northern sky

Hagen, Ross. 2020 786.9 DAR

I die each time I hear the sound

Doughty, Mike 2020 786.9 DOU

Confess : the autobiography

Halford, Rob, 1951- 2020 786.9 HAL

From Elvis in Memphis

Wolfson, Eric 2021 786.9 PRE

Talking Heads : the ultimate music guide.

2020 786.9 TAL , Large Book

Beaudy : skills, drills & the path to the top

Barrett, Beauden, 1991- 2020 796.33092 BAR

Born fighter

Begum, Rusqana 2020 796.815092 BEG

Surf dreams : New Zealand surf culture

Morrison, Derek 2020 797.320993 MOR

How to grow your own poem

Clanchy, Kate, 1965- 2020 808.1 CLA

Postcolonial love poem

Diaz, Natalie 2020 811 DIA

The Fall of America journals, 1965-1971

Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997 2020 811 GIN

Runaway : new poems

Graham, Jorie, 1950- 2020 811 GRA

Ledger : poems

Hirshfield, Jane, 1953- 2020 811 HIR

Homie : poems

Smith, Danez 2020 811 SMI

No one asked for this

David, Cazzie, 1994- 2020 814 DAV

Let me tell you what I mean

Didion, Joan 2021 814 DID

The best of me

Sedaris, David 2020 817 SED


Femi, Caleb 2020 821 FEM

In a time of distance : and other poems

McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- 2020 821 MACC

The girl from Revolution Road

Golbakhsh, Ghazaleh 2020 824 GOL

In the land of the cyclops : essays

Knausgård, Karl Ove, 1968- 2021 839.82 KNA

The White Ship : conquest, anarchy and the wrecking of Henry I's dream

Spencer, Charles Spencer, Earl, 1964- 2020 910.916336 SPE

Gears for queers

Melton, Abigail 2020 914 MEL

Rick Steves best of Scotland

Steves, Rick, 1955- 2021 914.11 STE

Edinburgh : an Outlander tour

Wood, Ali 2020 914.134 WOO

Ghostways : two journeys in unquiet places

Macfarlane, Robert, 1976- 2020 914.233 MACF

Rick Steves Berlin

Steves, Rick, 1955- 2021 914.3155 STE

Rick Steves Paris

Steves, Rick, 1955- 2021 914.436 STE

Rick Steves Spain

Steves, Rick, 1955- 2021 914.6 STE

Rick Steves Istanbul : with Ephesus & Cappadocia

Aran, Lale Surmen 2021 914.961 ARA

Four lost cities : a secret history of the urban age

Newitz, Annalee, 1969- 2021 930.1 NEW

Roman Britain and where to find it

Allen, Denise 2020 936.104 ALL

A history of the Second World War in 100 maps

Black, Jeremy 2020 940.530223 BLA , Large Book

Hitler and Stalin : the tyrants and the Second World War

Rees, Laurence, 1957- 2021 940.5343 REE

Pearl, December 7, 1941

Butler, Daniel Allen 2020 940.5426 BUT

The crew : the story of a Lancaster Bomber crew

Price, David, 1963- 2020 940.544941 PRI

The Windsor diaries, 1940-45

Fitzalan Howard, Alathea, 1923-2001 2020 941.084092 FIT

The shortest history of England

Hawes, J. M. 2021 942 HAW

Berlin : the story of a city

White-Spunner, Barney 2020 943.155 WHI

The Volga : a history of Russia's greatest river

Hartley, Janet M. 2021 947.4 HAR

The Koreas : the birth of two nations divided

Yoo, Theodore Jun, 1972- 2020 951.904 YOO

The Japanese : a history in twenty lives

Harding, Christopher, 1978- 2020 952 HAR

Reports from hell

Smith, Chas, 1957- 2020 953.3 SMI

Himalaya : a human history

Douglas, Ed 2020 954.96 DOU

My Gaza : a city in photographs

Al-Saftawi, Jehad 2020 956.943 ALS

Pedro's theory : reimagining the promised land

Gonsalez, Marcos 2021 973.046872 GON

Passengers : true stories of the underground railroad

Still, William, 1821-1902 2020 973.7115 STI

Team of five : the presidents club in the age of Trump

Brower, Kate Andersen 2020 973.92092 BRO

His very best : Jimmy Carter, a life

Alter, Jonathan 2020 973.926092 CAR

Oh happy day : those times and these times

Callil, Carmen 2020 994.02 CAL

Jennifer Juniper : a journey beyond the muse

Boyd, Jenny 2020 Biography B BOY

Unfinished : a memoir

Chopra, Priyanka 2021 Biography B CHO

Letters of Denis Glover

Glover, Denis, 1912-1980 2020 Biography B GLO

Rust : one woman's story of finding hope across the divide

Goldbach, Eliese Colette, 1986- 2021 Biography B GOL

Widowish : a memoir

Gould, Melissa 2021 Biography B GOU

A long ride from Johnsonville

Kellahan, Roy 2020 Biography B KEL

The dragons, the giant, the women : a memoir

Moore, Wayétu 2020 Biography B MOO

I never promised you a rose garden

Oates, Jonny, 1969- 2020 Biography B OAT

Barack before Obama : life before the presidency

Katz, David (Photographer) 2020 Biography B OBA

A promised land

Obama, Barack 2020 Biography B OBA

Leading lady : Eve Poole : a life in the spotlight

Allan, Vivienne, 1946- 2020 Biography B POO

As good as it gets : life lessons from a reluctant adult

Ranganathan, Romesh, 1978- 2020 Biography B RAN

Negative capability : a diary of surviving

Roberts, Michèle 2020 Biography B ROB

God, the devil and me

Taylor, Alf, 1947- 2021 Biography B TAY

Just as I am : a memoir

Tyson, Cicely 2021 Biography B TYS

Patch work : a life amongst clothes

Wilcox, Claire 2020 Biography B WIL

Radical Wordsworth : the poet who changed the world

Bate, Jonathan 2020 Biography B WOR

Shawāhid al-zaman

Maqāṭī, Khawlah Nāṣir 2020 Foreign Language 297.61 MAQ Arabic

Chernyĭ spisok

Baker, Chandler 2020 Foreign Language 813 BAK Russian

Ot tebi︠a︡ begu k tebe

Bryndza, Robert 2020 Foreign Language 813 BRY Russian

Vse zakonchitsi︠a︡ na nas

Hoover, Colleen 2020 Foreign Language 813 HOO Russian


Alderman, Naomi 2020 Foreign Language 823 ALD Russian

Dzhek Richer, ili Sini︠a︡i︠a︡ luna

Child, Lee 2020 Foreign Language 823 CHI Russian

Sommer der Wahrheit

Neuhaus, Nele 2020 Foreign Language 833 NEU German

Salvar el fuego

Arriaga Jordán, Guillermo, 1958- 2020 Foreign Language 863 ARR Spanish

Si nos enseñaran a perder ganaríamos siempre

Espinosa, Albert, 1974- 2020 Foreign Language 863 ESP Spanish

La madre de Frankenstein

Grandes, Almudena, 1960- 2020 Foreign Language 863 GRA Spanish

Miṭṭī bola paī : nāwala

Mādhopurī, Balabīra 2020 Foreign Language 891.423 MAD Panjabi


Masata, Wariāma 2020 Foreign Language 891.423 MAS Panjabi

Kāphara kauṇa : jāsūsī nāwala

Sāhanī, Jasabīra Siṅgha 2020 Foreign Language 891.423 SAH Panjabi

Lāla mirca : Amr̥tā Prītama kī 17 kahāniyām̐

Amrita Pritam, 1919-2005 2020 Foreign Language 891.433 AMR Hindi


Khetāna, Prabhā 2020 Foreign Language 891.433 KHE Hindi

Badalatā huā deśa : svarṇadeśa kī lokakathāem̐

Paṇḍeya, Manoja Kumāra, 1977- 2020 Foreign Language 891.433 PAN Hindi

My vse ne angely

Gorskai︠a︡, Evgenii︠a︡ 2020 Foreign Language 891.73 GOR Russian

Ostorozhno, dveri zakryvai︠u︡tsi︠a︡

Metlit︠s︡kai︠a︡, Marii︠a︡ 2020 Foreign Language 891.73 MET Russian

Tri stupeni vverkh

Roĭ, Oleg, 1967- 2020 Foreign Language 891.73 ROI Russian

Pereplety v zhizni

Ustinova, Tatʹi︠a︡na 2020 Foreign Language 891.73 UST Russian

Vesʹ mir v pridachu

Ustinova, Tatʹi︠a︡na 2020 Foreign Language 891.73 UST Russian

al-ʻArrāb: al-sabʻ al-ʻijāf" khārij al-naṣṣ

Manṣūr, ʻAbd al-Razzāq ʻAlī 2020 Foreign Language 892.73 MAN Arabic

al-Tāj al-ʻayn : ḥikāyāt min zaman Kūrūnā

Najjar, Alexandre, 1967- 2020 Foreign Language 892.73 NAJ Arabic


Fukamachi, Akio. 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 FUK Japanese


Harada, Maha. 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 HAR Japanese

Hannin no inai satsujin no yoru. Collection of short stories Tanpenshū =

Higashino, Keigo, 1958- 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 HIG Japanese

Tsumibito ga inoru toki

Kobayashi, Yuka, 1976- 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 KOB Japanese

Bannō kanteishi Q no jikenbo. Case files of all-round appraiser Q vol.0 0 =

Matsuoka, Keisuke, 1968- 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 MAT Japanese


Sakuragi, Shino. 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 SAK Japanese

Shika no ō. Minasoko no hashi

Uehashi, Nahoko 2020 Foreign Language 895.63 UEH Japanese

Jagged little pill

Morissette, Alanis 2020 Songbook MOR


(23 titles)

84 Charing Cross Road

Motion picture (DVD)


Documentary (DVD)

Apartment 1BR.

Motion picture (DVD)

Black garden

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Dinner with friends.

Motion picture (DVD)

Echo in the canyon

Documentary (DVD)

Honest thief

Motion picture (Bluray)

Honest thief

Motion picture (DVD)

I used to go here

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

It must be Heaven

Motion picture (DVD)

Miss Scarlet & the duke.

Television program (DVD)

New Amsterdam. Season two

Television program (DVD)

Of love & lies

Motion picture (DVD)

Penny Dreadful, City of Angels.

Television program (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Room 212

Motion picture (DVD)

Sling Blade

Motion picture (DVD)

The mystery of Henri Pick.

Motion picture (DVD)

The outpost

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)


(61 titles)

Queen of baroque

Bartoli, Cecilia 2020 CD Singers


Beach Bunny 2020 CD Popular


Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827. 2020 CD Piano


Black Keys 2020 Vinyl Blues

Brothers [bonus tracks]

Black Keys. 2020 CD Blues

Even in exile.

Bradfield, James Dean, 1969- 2020 CD Popular

Clarinet sonatas

Brahms, Johannes, 1833-1897 2020 CD Other instruments

There is no other...

Campbell, Isobel, 1976- 2020 CD Popular

Soft bomb

Chills 2020 Vinyl New Zealand

Submarine bells

Chills 2020 Vinyl New Zealand

Chopin piano concertos

Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849 2020 CD Concertos/Piano

Self civil war.

Cope, Julian, 1957- 2020 CD Popular

Film music 1976-2020.

Eno, Brian, 1948- 2020 CD Soundtracks

The neon.

Erasure 2020 CD Popular


Estère, 1992- 2020 Vinyl Wellington


Estère, 1992- 2021 CD Wellington

Medicine at midnight.

Foo Fighters 2020 CD Popular

Introducing... Aaron Frazer.

Frazer, Aaron 2020 CD Soul/R&B

Greenfields : the Gibb brothers' songbook. Vol. 1

Gibb, Barry, 1946- 2021 CD Popular

Sounds that sound like music.

Glass Vaults 2020 Vinyl Wellington

Symphony no. 6 : 'Last letter' ; Face

Harris, Ross, 1945- 2020 CD Symphonies

Is this desire? : demos.

Harvey, P. J., 1969- 2020 CD Popular

L.A.B. IV.

L. A. B 2020 CD New Zealand


Mallinder, Stephen, 1955- 2020 CD Electronica

Live in concert : the 24 karat gold tour.

Nicks, Stevie, 1948- 2020 CD Popular


Nunns, Richard, 1945- 2020 CD New Zealand

Protean threat

Oh Sees 2020 CD Popular

Delicate sound of thunder.

Pink Floyd 2020 CD Popular

I disagree.

Poppy, 1995- 2020 CD Metal

New York.

Reed, Lou 2020 CD Popular

Complete symphonies

Schmidt, Franz, 1874 December 22-1939 2020 CD Symphonies

Spare ribs.

Sleaford Mods 2020 CD Popular


Smashing Pumpkins 2020 CD Popular

Tod und Verklärung ; Don Juan ; Sechs Lieder, op. 68

Strauss, Richard, 1864-1949 2020 CD Orchestral

Children of God ; Feel good now.

Swans (Musical group) 2020 CD Popular

No longer mourn for me : & other works for cello

Tavener, John 2020 CD Religious


Walters, Niko, 2020 CD New Zealand

Think of spring.

Ward, M, 1973- 2020 CD Popular

Symphony no. 1 : letters from the front

Williams, Michael, 1962 July 26- 2020 CD Symphonies

The future bites.

Wilson, Steven, 1967- 2021 CD Popular

Southern sky.

You, Me, Everybody 2021 CD New Zealand

Carnival of the animals

2020 CD Sextets, etc.

Cello concertos

2020 CD Concertos/Cello

Girls go power pop!

2020 CD Compilations

Good night!

2020 CD Piano

La passione.

2020 CD Singers


2020 CD Piano

Le poète du piano

2020 CD Piano

Les enfants terribles

2020 CD Piano

Magic trumpet

2020 CD Other instruments

Silver age

2020 CD Piano

Symphony no. 5

2020 CD Symphonies

The bridge for Balkan music.

2020 CD World compilations


(326 titles)


Adeney, Amy 2021 Chapter Book

The maps of memory : return to Butterfly Hill

Agosín, Marjorie 2020 Chapter Book

Brand new boy

Almond, David, 1951- 2020 Chapter Book

Amari and the night brothers

Alston, B. B. 2021 Chapter Book

Spindlefish and stars

Andrews, Christiane M. 2020 Chapter Book


Arbona, Marion 2020 Picture Book

Kaleidoscope of creatures

Ard, Cath 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Catch that chicken!

Atinuke 2020 Picture Book

I hate reading : how to read when you'd rather not

Bacon, Beth, 1965- 2020 Non-fiction / General Stuff

Baby's very first slide and see things that go

Baggott, Stella 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

The slippery schemes of Sushi Man

Barlow, Steve 2020 Chapter Book

The dreadful deeds of DinaSaw

Barlow, Steve 2020 Chapter Book

The terrible tricks of Miss Take

Barlow, Steve 2020 Chapter Book

The malign mischief of MegaBite

Barlow, Steve 2020 Chapter Book

The hateful horrors of the Queen of Hearts

Barlow, Steve 2020 Chapter Book

I am every good thing

Barnes, Derrick 2020 Picture Book

This wonderful thing

Baron, Adam 2021 Chapter Book

The legend of Gap-tooth Jack

Bass, Guy 2020 Chapter Book

Pet records : the weirdest, cutest, biggest, coolest, tiniest, and smartest pets on the planet

Beer, Julie (Children's author) 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

The world of adventure sports

Berne, Emma Carlson, 1979- 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

A story about Afiya

Berry, James, 1924-2017 2020 Picture Book

Kate the chemist : the big book of experiments

Biberdorf, Kate 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Best friends forever

Bird, Pip 2021 Chapter Book

Pig the slob

Blabey, Aaron 2020 Picture Book

A new friend

Black, Jess 2021 Chapter Book

Si tu viens sur Terre...

Blackall, Sophie 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Teknos the ocean crawler

Blade, Adam 2021 Chapter Book

Mallix the silent stalker

Blade, Adam 2021 Chapter Book

The blackbird girls

Blankman, Anne 2020 Chapter Book

Count your chickens

Bogart, Jo Ellen 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

The adventures of Parsley the lion

Bond, Michael 2020 Chapter Book

Paddington at St Paul's

Bond, Michael 2021 Picture Book

Daisy and the Unknown Warrior

Bradman, Tony 2020 Chapter Book

Uncle Bobby's wedding

Brannen, Sarah S. 2021 Picture Book

This is your time

Bridges, Ruby 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

La symphonie des animaux

Brown, Dan, 1964- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Perkin's perfect purple : how a boy created color with chemistry

Brown, Tami Lewis 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Woke : a young poet's call to justice

Browne, Mahogany L. 2020 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

Another Twist in the tale

Bruton, Catherine 2020 Chapter Book

Premeditated Myrtle : a Myrtle Hardcastle mystery

Bunce, Elizabeth C. 2020 Chapter Book

How to get away with Myrtle

Bunce, Elizabeth C. 2020 Chapter Book

Everybody has a body

Burgerman, Jon 2020 Picture Book

Kia tūpato! = Look out!

Buxton, Jane 2020 Non-fiction / Language


Carr, Bethany 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)


Carr, Bethany 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Chris Riddell's Alice's adventures in Wonderland

Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898 2020 Chapter Book

The word for friend

Cassie, Aidan 2020 Picture Book


Chapman, Jane, 1970- 2020 Picture Book

A forever home for Pip

Chapman, Linda 2020 Chapter Book

The ice giant

Chapman, Linda 2020 Chapter Book

Merry Christmas Gus

Chatterton, Chris 2020 Picture Book

Your place in the universe

Chin, Jason, 1978- 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Bips and roses

Citro, Asia 2020 Chapter Book

Frog frenzy

Clarke, Jane, 1954- 2020 Chapter Book

A case of grave danger

Cleverly, Sophie, 1989- 2021 Chapter Book

The only black girls in town

Colbert, Brandy 2020 Chapter Book

The wide world of coding : the people and careers behind the programs

Connor-Smith, Jennifer, 1972- 2020 Non-fiction / General Stuff

A year full of celebrations and festivals

Corr, Christopher 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

Peitahia te rangi = Paint the sky

Corrin, Ruth 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Fairy cakes

Costain, Meredith 2021 Chapter Book

All aboard!

Courtenay, Lucy 2021 Chapter Book

He kai! = Dinner!

Cowley, Joy 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Te keke huritau = The birthday cake

Cowley, Joy 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Kodi [1]

Cullum, Jared 2020 Comic

Ki te Rangi = In the air

Cutting, Brian 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Roto i te moana = In the sea

Cutting, Brian 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Te wakapana = Bulldozer

Cutting, Brian 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Ana, titiro ki a koe! = Just look at you

Cutting, Jillian 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Toku whanau = My family

Cutting, Jillian 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Rerenga ātea = Space journey

Cutting, Jillian 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Te āwhā = The storm

Cutting, Jillian 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Boy, everywhere

Dassu, A. M. 2020 Chapter Book

Trucks! : (and other things with wheels)

Davies, Bryony 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Grow : secrets of our DNA

Davies, Nicola, 1958- 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Little polar bear rescue

Delahaye, Rachel 2020 Chapter Book

Llama Llama loose tooth drama

Dewdney, Anna 2020 Picture Book

Star switch

Dixon, Alesha, 1978- 2020 Chapter Book

Flight of the griffin

Do, Anh 2021 Chapter Book

The lipstick

Dockrill, Laura 2021 Picture Book

How big is love?

Dodd, Emma, 1969- 2021 Picture Book

A dragon in a wagon

Dodd, Lynley 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Crossings : extraordinary structures for extraordinary animals

Duffield, Katy 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

Marie Curious, girl genius rescues a rock star

Edison, Chris 2021 Chapter Book

Happy rainbow

Eliot, Hannah 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Mon grand livre des où

Esbaum, Jill. 2020 Non-fiction / Language

The bold, brave bunny

Ferry, Beth 2020 Picture Book

We believe in you

Ferry, Beth 2020 Picture Book

A remarkable ear

Fine, Anne 2020 Chapter Book

How to be a pirate

Fitzgerald, Isaac 2020 Picture Book

Honeybee : the busy life of Apis mellifera

Fleming, Candace 2020 Non-fiction / Science

The Danger Gang

Fletcher, Tom, 1985- 2020 Chapter Book

Ice! : poems about polar life

Florian, Douglas 2020 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

Brilliant questions about growing up : simple answers about bodies and boundaries

Forbes-Robertson, Amy 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Gender swapped fairy tales

Fransman, Karrie 2020 Chapter Book

Jumbo : the making of the Boeing 747

Gall, Chris 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology


Gardiner, Kelly, 1961- 2021 Chapter Book

When life gives you mangoes

Getten, Kereen 2020 Chapter Book

Licormes et confettis : 8 histoires vraies

Girard-Audet, Catherine 2020 Non-fiction / Language

The mini mistake

Glass, Calliope 2020 Chapter Book

The house of hidden wonders

Gosling, Sharon 2020 Audiobook on CD

Pas moi

Gravel, Elise 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Marie Curie and her daughters

Greenberg, Imogen 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

Bedtime for sweet creatures

Grimes, Nikki 2020 Picture Book

The girl and the ghost

Hanna Alkaf 2020 Chapter Book

A secret of birds & bone

Hargrave, Kiran Millwood, 1990- 2020 Chapter Book


Harrell, Rob 2020 Audiobook on CD

The Magic Misfits : the fourth suit

Harris, Neil Patrick, 1973- 2020 Audiobook on CD

Midnight magic

Harrison, Michelle, 1979- 2020 Chapter Book

Owl always love you : a bedtime book of love!

Hegarty, Patricia 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)


Hegarty, Patricia 2020 Picture Book

Pizazz vs the new kid

Henn, Sophy 2021 Chapter Book

"No!" said rabbit

Henrichs, Marjoke 2020 Picture Book

I love us! : a book about family

Henry, Theodore 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

The giant key

Henseleit, Jack, 1991- 2021 Chapter Book

Cheeky monkey

Hicks, Zehra 2021 Picture Book

How to tie a shoe & other big adventures

Hill, Skip, 1961- 2020 Chapter Book

Tomorrow I'll be kind

Hische, Jessica 2020 Picture Book

Sophie Delorme: détective hors norme

Hood, Morag (Illustrator). 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Weekend dad

Hrab, Naseem 2020 Picture Book

The oldest student : how Mary Walker learned to read

Hubbard, Rita L. 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Stars of world soccer

Illugi Jökulsson 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

Mic drop

Jackson, Sharna 2020 Chapter Book

Toi et moi : ce que nous construirons ensemble

Jeffers, Oliver 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Space : stars, supernovas, satellites

Jenner, Elizabeth 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Music for tigers

Kadarusman, Michelle, 1969- 2020 Chapter Book

Pretty tricky : the sneaky ways plants survive

Kaner, Etta 2020 Non-fiction / Science

I am the wind

Karg, Michael 2020 Picture Book

The parent trap

Kästner, Erich, 1899-1974 2020 Audiobook on CD

The world between blinks

Kaufman, Amie 2021 Chapter Book

Kay's anatomy : a complete (and completely disgusting) guide to the human body

Kay, Adam, 1980- 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

A last goodbye

Kelsey, Elin 2020 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking

The monsters of Rookhaven

Kenny, Pádraig 2020 Chapter Book

When the world was ours

Kessler, Liz 2021 Chapter Book

The Secret Explorers and the lost whales

King, SJ 2020 Chapter Book

The pōrangi boy

Kino, Shilo 2020 Chapter Book

Bob18 et le cochon nommé Jeudi

Knutsen (Children's author) 2020 Non-fiction / Language

A stranger comes to town

Kristjansdottir, Maria 2020 Picture Book

Digging for words : José Alberto Gutiérrez and the library he built

Kunkel, Angela Burke 2020 Non-fiction / General Stuff

The paper boat

Lam, Thao 2020 Chapter Book

This poem is a nest

Latham, Irene 2020 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

Brother's keeper

Lee, Julie (Children's fiction writer) 2020 Chapter Book

Show me a sign

LeZotte, Ann Clare 2020 Chapter Book

Clues to the universe

Li, Christina 2021 Chapter Book

Nadia Lim's Marvellous Marvin

Lim, Nadia, 1985- 2020 Picture Book

Tiger daughter

Lim, Rebecca 2021 Chapter Book

We are water protectors

Lindstrom, Carole, 1964- 2020 Picture Book

Minecraft : the ultimate guide to survival mode

Lipscombe, Daniel 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

Baby's first Ramadan

Lloyd, Clare (Children's book author) 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

When Darwin sailed the sea

Long, David, 1961- 2020 Non-fiction / Science

The world's most magnificient machines

Long, David, 1961- 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Amazing treasures : 100+ objects and places that will boggle your mind

Long, David, 1961- 2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History

Taking time

Loring-Fisher, Jo 2020 Picture Book

Ronan the Librarian

Luebbe, Tara 2020 Picture Book

Story boat

Maclear, Kyo, 1970- 2020 Picture Book

On the farm!

Magsamen, Sandra 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Things that go!

Magsamen, Sandra 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Baby animals!

Magsamen, Sandra 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Jane Austen's Mansfield Park

Malik, Ayisha 2020 Chapter Book

A world of opposites

Malin, Gray 2020 Picture Book

In a jar

Marcero, Deborah 2020 Picture Book

What Zola did on Thursday

Marchetta, Melina, 1965- 2021 Chapter Book

Dead-awesome dinosaur body facts

Mason, Paul, 1967- 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Helga makes a name for herself

Maynor, Megan 2020 Picture Book

Construction site

McDonald, Jill 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

A story for Small Bear

McGinty, Alice B., 1963- 2020 Picture Book

Don't call me Grumpycorn

McIntyre, Sarah 2020 Picture Book

Queen of King Street

McLaughlin, Tom, 1976- 2020 Chapter Book

A kind of spark

McNicoll, Ellen 2020 Chapter Book

Into the flames : a prequel

Mead, Denika 2020 Chapter Book

The ghost warriors

Mead, Denika 2020 Chapter Book

Fairtail and the perfect puzzle

Meadows, Daisy 2021 Chapter Book

Spiritmane and the hidden magic

Meadows, Daisy 2021 Chapter Book

Evelyn Del Rey is moving away

Medina, Meg 2020 Picture Book

In the role of Brie Hutchens...

Melleby, Nicole 2020 Chapter Book

The hatmakers

Merchant, Tamzin 2021 Chapter Book

How to write a story

Messner, Kate 2020 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes


Messner, Kate 2020 Chapter Book


Mills, Andrea 2020 Non-fiction / Science

The rainforest book

Milner, Charlotte 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Fabulous feast

Milway, Alex, 1978- 2020 Chapter Book

Who gives a poop? : surprising science from one end to the other

Montgomery, Heather L. 2020 Non-fiction / Science

A mummy ate my homework! : a time-travel adventure

Moraes, Thiago de 2020 Chapter Book

The puffin keeper

Morpurgo, Michael 2020 Chapter Book

Piracy, paintballs & zebras

Muchamore, Robert 2020 Chapter Book

Mirabelle gets up to mischief

Muncaster, Harriet 2020 Audiobook on CD

Just one of those days

Murphy, Jill, 1949- 2020 Picture Book

Hockey night in Kenya

Mutinda, Danson 2020 Chapter Book

Jane Austen's Sense and sensibility

Nadin, Joanna 2020 Chapter Book

My rainbow

Neal, Trinity 2020 Picture Book

Last one standing

Nicoll, Tom 2020 Chapter Book

The captive kingdom

Nielsen, Jennifer A. 2020 Chapter Book

Tō mātou motokā = Our car

Noonan, Diana 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Guess who is behind the door : a counting book in 4 languages

Novich, Susan S., 1957- 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

The impact of food and farming

O'Brien, Cynthia 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

STEM junior science

O'Callaghan, Jonathan 2020 Non-fiction / Science

STEM junior math

O'Callaghan, Jonathan 2020 Non-fiction / Science

STEM junior technology

O'Callaghan, Jonathan 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

STEM junior engineering

O'Callaghan, Jonathan 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Toto the ninja cat and the mystery jewel thief. Book 4

O'Leary, Dermot, 1973- 2020 Chapter Book

And the people stayed home

O'Meara, Kitty 2020 Picture Book


Okorafor, Nnedi 2020 Chapter Book

The magnificent monsters of Cedar Street

Oliver, Lauren, 1982- 2020 Chapter Book

All the birds in the world

Opie, David 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Every color of light

Osada, Hiroshi, 1939-2015 2020 Picture Book


Oswald, Pete 2020 Picture Book

The valley of lost secrets

Parr, Lesley 2021 Chapter Book

Becoming Muhammad Ali : a novel

Patterson, James, 1947- 2020 Chapter Book

The essential Minecraft dungeons guide

Phillips, Tom 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

Spectacular school trip (really...)

Pichon, Liz 2020 Audiobook on CD

The little mermaid

Pinkney, Jerry 2020 Chapter Book

The Beatrix Potter collection

Potter, Beatrix, 1866-1943 2020 Audiobook on CD

Which food will you choose?

Potter, Claire (Freelance writer) 2021 Picture Book

The time-travelling caveman

Pratchett, Terry, 1948-2015 2020 Chapter Book

Jonesy flux and the gray legion

Pray, James 2020 Chapter Book

Zip, the world's greatest robot

Purcell, Rebecca (Children's writer) 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Ernie and the Magic Kennel

Rakete, Robert 2020 Picture Book

Salma the Syrian chef

Ramadan, Ahmad Danny 2020 Picture Book

The forest of moon and sword

Raphael, Amy 2021 Chapter Book

Dr Tokilupe Taumoepeau : Tongan trailblazer

Riley, David, 1966 June 28- 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Niue heroes

Riley, David, 1966 June 28- 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Construction site mission : demolition!

Rinker, Sherri Duskey 2020 Picture Book

Love, Sophia on the moon

Rissi, Anica Mrose 2020 Picture Book

Race to the sun

Roanhorse, Rebecca 2020 Chapter Book

Big Ted's adventures at home

Roberts, Valerie. 2020 Picture Book

Do you love bugs?

Robertson, Matthew (Entomologist) 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Telephone tales

Rodari, Gianni 2020 Chapter Book

The Glimme

Rodda, Emily 2020 Audiobook on CD

Elvis Eager and the golden egg

Rodda, Emily 2021 Chapter Book

The problem with problems

Rooney, Rachel 2020 Picture Book

Water world

Rothery, Ben 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Llama out loud!

Sami, Annabelle 2020 Chapter Book

Corazon Aquino

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

David Attenborough

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Charles Darwin

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

Bob Dylan

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Aretha Franklin

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Steve Jobs

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Elton John

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Martin Luther King, Jr

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Billie Jean King

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

John Lennon

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Astrid Lindgren

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Captain Tom Moore

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Jesse Owens

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography


Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

Megan Rapinoe

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

Ayrton Senna

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Alan Turing

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Stevie Wonder

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

The birthday almanac

Saunders, Claire 2021 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking


Saxby, Claire 2021 Picture Book

The babies and kitties book

Schindel, John 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

I talk like a river

Scott, Jordan, 1978- 2020 Picture Book

Nōu te ao, e hika e!

Seuss, Dr 2020 Non-fiction / Language

How to solve a problem : the rise (and falls) of a rock-climbing champion

Shiraishi, Ashima 2020 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking

Alex's good fortune

Shum, Benson 2020 Picture Book

Jules vs. the ocean

Sima, Jessie 2020 Picture Book

Ruru's hāngī

Slade-Robinson, Nikki 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Claude at the palace

Smith, Alex T 2020 Chapter Book

Two dogs on a trike

Snyder, Gabrielle 2020 Picture Book

The house at the edge of magic

Sparkes, Amy 2021 Chapter Book

No escape

Spratt, R. A. 2021 Chapter Book

The atlas of great journeys

Steele, Philip, 1948- 2020 Non-fiction / Geography & History

The best worst poet ever

Stohler, Lauren 2020 Picture Book


Storer, Jen, 1961- 2021 Chapter Book

Part of your nightmare

Strange, Vera 2021 Chapter Book

Llama unleashes the alpacalypse

Stutzman, Jonathan 2020 Picture Book

Zara and Moonbeam

Sykes, Julie 2020 Chapter Book

The Timmy the ticked-off pony collection

Szubanski, Magda 2020 Audiobook on CD

Dandelion's dream

Tanaka, Yoko (Artist) 2020 Picture Book


Teckentrup, Britta 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Te haere mā runga motokā = Going in the car

Thompson, Belinda M 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Skunk and badger

Timberlake, Amy 2020 Chapter Book

24 hours in the kiwi bush

Torckler, Gillian 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Sam Wu is not afraid of space

Tsang, Katie, 1987- 2020 Chapter Book

Lift off!

Uno, Kat 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Trending : how and why stuff gets popular

Vermond, Kira 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

I love you

Waring, Zoe 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)


Webb, Holly 2020 Chapter Book

When we got lost in dreamland

Welford, Ross 2021 Chapter Book

Pokémon gym battle guidebook

Whitehill, Simcha 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

The naughtiest pixie and the midnight feast

Wild, Ailsa 2021 Chapter Book

Brian Wildsmith's animal gallery.

Wildsmith, Brian 2020 Picture Book

Unicorns are the worst!

Willan, Alex 2020 Picture Book

Elevator Bird

Williamson, Sarah, 1979- 2020 Picture Book

Te awhina i a pāpā = Helping Dad

Wilson, Ann, 1940- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Te mata parāoa = Face sandwich

Wilson, Ann, 1940- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Te whare hou = The new house

Wilson, Ann, 1940- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Goodnight, Little Panda

Wood, A. J., 1960- 2021 Picture Book

Goodnight, Little Monkey

Wood, A. J., 1960- 2021 Picture Book

Before the ever after

Woodson, Jacqueline 2020 Chapter Book

There must be more than that!

Yoshitake, Shinsuke, 1973- 2020 Picture Book

14 ngā tohu aroha ka tukuna

Youle, Wayne, 1974- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

14 blown kisses

Youle, Wayne, 1974- 2020 Picture Book

Amy Wu and the patchwork dragon

Zhang, Kat, 1991- 2020 Picture Book

The truth about dragons

Zollars, Jaime 2020 Picture Book

5 minute really true stories for bedtime

2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

How to beat Minecraft

2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

Tūhono. a journal of poetry by children and teens 2020 :

2020 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

Spooky jokes

2020 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

Combat wombat.

2020 DVD

The book of hopes

2020 Chapter Book

Hello, Mummy!

2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

See, touch, feel 123.

2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

The Wiggles love books : a book about reading.

2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Mind your manners! : a book about good manners.

2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Wash your hands

2021 Picture Book


(69 titles)

Love in English

Andreu, Maria E. 2021 Fiction

Last girls

Brodsky, Demetra 2020 Fiction

A breath too late

Callen, Rocky 2020 Fiction

Everything's not fine

Carlson, Sarah J. 2020 Fiction

The edge of anything

Carpenter, Nora 2020 Fiction

The sisters of Straygarden Place

Chewins, Hayley 2020 Fiction

Wicked as you wish

Chupeco, Rin 2020 Fiction

Throwaway girls

Contos, Andrea 2020 Fiction

The Circus rose

Cornwell, Betsy 2020 Fiction

Daughters of jubilation

Corthron, Kara Lee 2020 Fiction

Being Toffee

Crossan, Sarah 2020 Fiction

Three things I know are true : a novel

Culley, Betty 2020 Fiction

Blood metal bone

Cummings, Lindsay 2021 Fiction

Blood moon

Cuthew, Lucy 2020 Fiction

The Queen's assassin

De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- 2021 Fiction

My heart underwater

Fantauzzo, Laurel Flores 2020 Fiction

These violent delights

Gong, Chloe 2020 Fiction

This is my brain in love

Gregorio, I. W., 1976- 2020 Fiction

Can we talk about consent?

Hancock, Justin 2021 Non-fiction

Me & Mr. Cigar

Haynes, Gibby 2020 Fiction

Girl crushed

Heaney, Katie 2020 Fiction

A complicated love story set in space

Hutchinson, Shaun David 2021 Fiction

Written in starlight

Ibañez, Isabel (Novelist) 2021 Fiction

Yesterday is history

Jackson, Kosoko 2021 Fiction

Dark shores

Jensen, Danielle L 2020 Fiction

Dark skies

Jensen, Danielle L. 2020 Fiction

All boys aren't blue : a memoir-manifesto

Johnson, George M. 1985- 2020 Non-fiction

You should see me in a crown

Johnson, Leah (Young adult author) 2020 Fiction

The accidental bad girl

Kaplan, Maxine 2021 Fiction

A vow so bold and deadly

Kemmerer, Brigid 2021 Fiction

City of villains

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