Important note about COVID Level 2 and our libraries, including hours:

At Alert Level 2 our libraries are open, but with reduced opening hours and some restrictions in place to keep staff and the community safe (more information about Libraries at Level 2).

Wellington City Libraries

Te Matapihi Ki Te Ao Nui


We offer a number of tools to make it easier to find books, DVDs, and more in our library catalogue.


Library Lookup

Here's a helpful tool which enables you to go directly from a book vendor or information website, eg. Amazon, etc to a library catalogue search on the ISBN, just by clicking on a button on your Links toolbar.

What do you need to enable this? Just click and drag this Library lookup link to your Links toolbar, or right-click and add it as a favourite.

Don't have the Links toolbar showing? Just click on "View" on the top toolbar of Internet Explorer and select "Links" to make this toolbar spring into view.

This utility was the brainchild of Jon Udell, with a tweak by WCL staff to fit our own catalogue specifications.

iGoogle Gadget

Do you have an iGoogle page? (Wondering What iGoogle is? Follow the link!).

You can add the library's iGoogle gadget to your iGoogle page, or embed it on any webpage!

Here's a sneak preview:

Library Elf

Library Elf is a service which can help library customers keep track of the items they have borrowed, and the titles they have on reserve. The basic service can provide updates via email of when your items are nearly due and when items are overdue.

Please note:

Library Elf is a completely independent service from Wellington City Libraries based in Canada, so we are unable to take responsibility for Library Elf's failure to deliver e-mail or other notices. If you're interested in signing up to this service, we do advise you to read through the information provided first, in particular the privacy statement about the library card details you're providing to them.

Watch this presentation to find out a bit more about Library Elf (if you're finding the text hard to read, expand the tutorial to full screen size):

What Is Library Elf ? A quick user's guide - Presentation Transcript

  1. What is Library Elf ? Quick-user's guide
  2. Click on sign-up
  3. Fill in your details & click on 'Create Elf account' Read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy carefully, especially relating to privacy considerations.
  4. Type your card details, select Wellington City Libraries (under 'International' heading in scroll down menu), no PIN needed, and click on 'Save'.
  5. Choose on sign-in
  6. Click on 'My Account Settings' to edit your preferences for receiving updates from LibraryElf
  7. Click on [Edit] to edit your preferences concerning how you prefer to get LibraryElf alerts. You can also edit your library card details.
  8. 'Options' allow you to decide when/ how you get LibraryElf notifications: 'Advance notices' (before items are due), or 'Overdue notice' (when your items are alreday due). You can also decide on the delivery method (e-mail, RSS or both). Premium services allow you to receive notices of books you have reserved and add more than one library card to your account. (NB: Premium services are paid services).

Goodreads Custom Booklinks

If you use Goodreads, you can add the library as a booklink to items on your account - a great way to easily check and see if we hold a book you want to read!

Here's a presentation to show you how. (If you're finding the text hard to read, expand the tutorial to full screen size).

  1. Sign into your Goodreads Account, and on the far right, click the downwards-pointing arrow next to your username.
  2. Click on 'My Account'
  3. Inside of your account page, click on the 'book links' tab
  4. Goodreads will show you a list of booklinks you may be interested in, based on your country as entered when you signed up. 'Wellington City Libraries' should appear. Click to add Wellington City Libraries as a book link option.
  5. Now when you look at any of your books, Wellington City Libraries should appear as a book link. Click and...
  6. A new tab will open to show you the book on the library's catalogue

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