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If you are thinking of setting up your own business, Wellington City Libraries can help. The following books and magazines on small business are just a small selection of the resources available to you. They cover topics such as marketing & e-commerce. Also listed are some useful links to relevant online resources, both national and international.

New books

Do the work you love : how to create an income without working a boring job / Barnes, Joseph E.
"Taking the reader on a journey from discovering a marketable passion to generating an income from it, this book is a practical guide to tackling one of the key questions of our era: how to make a living doing the thing you love. Aimed at all those who want their work to be fun and fulfilling, and who feel they might have a unique gift or message to share with the world, this is an amazingly effective guide to making money doing what you love. It is the only book to take readers through the whole process of creating an income from a passion, identifying which interest they could monetize, choosing a bespoke path and learning how to become an expert in their chosen field.
Part 1 explains how to discover a marketable passion with the help of the Dream Job Chart, which guides you in assessing your business ideas, skills and the causes you are passionate about. Once you have clarity on your passion, Part 2 describes the three possible paths to creating an income from it, offering inspiring examples of both famous and everyday people who have successfully followed each path. The Adventurer's Path is for those of a braver disposition and with few family commitments. The Strategist's Path is for those with patience, flexibility and a lower tolerance for risk. The Grinder's Path is for those who feel a need to continue with their present work while also pursuing their dream. Finally, Part 3 explores the four stages to becoming an expert in your chosen field, so that people will pay you for your skill or product. Along the way you will learn: Why bad luck can't stop you the right time to quit your job how to use freelancing or consultancy to help you reach your goal how to make progress with your passion even if you are working full-time what to do if you're over 50 and want to create an income from your passion and much, much more" (Catalogue)

Overdrive cover Gearing Up, David Irving (ebook)Published a decade ago, forged from the lessons of the Global Financial Crisis and reprinted multiple times, the authors' Changing Gears: How to Take Your Kiwi Business from the Kitchen Table to the Board Room was the first book that enabled New Zealand firms to integrate business-school wisdom into their thinking.Gearing Up: Leading Your Kiwi Business into the Future is a completely revised and updated primer for owner-manager businesses like those of New Zealand. The book introduces the business basics that haven't changed (business models and financial drivers, leadership, team building, strategy and planning), while exploring how globalization and digital transformations are challenging what we know about doing business.Throughout, the authors focus – through real examples – on the opportunities and challenges faced by the New Zealanders running our owner-operated businesses. This book is a primer of business school wisdom to lead your business past the immense changes of today's economy and into the future.(Overdrive description)

Overdrive cover Passion Purpose Profit, Fiona Killackey (ebook)

It's one thing to have a business idea, or even to start a creative business. It's quite another to scale it sustainably without increasing your financial and emotional stress. For most small business owners, what starts as something energising quickly turns into something overwhelming and energy depleting. You spend so much time in your business, it's hard to find any time to work on your business.
In this practical guide, experienced business coach and creative consultant Fiona Killackey shows you how to scale the business without scaling the stress. From validating your business idea (whatever stage in its development), mapping out your money and specifying your business goals, through to hiring staff and defining your marketing plan, Passion Purpose Profit gives you a clear understanding of where you're going and exactly how you'll get there. Complete with step-by-step tips and templates, as well as case studies of successful creative business owners, Passion Purpose Profit will have you empowered and excited about business again.(Overdrive description)

Launching while female : smashing the system that holds women entrepreneurs back / Althoff, Susanne
"An exposé of the harmful effects of the gender gap in entrepreneurship. An expos of the gender gap in entrepreneurship and a road map for a more inclusive and economically successful future for us all Journalist and professor Susanne Althoff investigates the obstacles women and nonbinary entrepreneurs--especially those of color--face when launching, funding, and growing their companies, obstacles that persist because the current start-up world was engineered by and for white men. Through interviews with over a hundred founders across the country and in all industries, Althoff paints a picture of an entrepreneurial system rife with bias and discrimination, where women receive less than 3 percent of this country's venture capital, struggle to find mentors in the wake of #MeToo, and are dismissed as "mompreneurs." The effects of this unequal system--a weaker economy, fewer jobs, less innovation--are felt by all of us, and Althoff explains how more equitable structures in business and entrepreneurship will benefit all people, not just those hoping to fund a startup. By exploring some of the practical ways we can open the entrepreneurial system to everyone, Althoff provides a rallying cry and a way forward for women entrepreneurs and their allies, showing that change is urgent and within our reach." (Catalogue)

Ageless startup : start a business at any age / Terrien, Rick

It's Not Hard. It's Just New. There has never been a better time to start your own business, but taking that leap of faith can seem like a daunting risk rather than an exciting new venture. But here's the truth: Your community needs you. The world needs you. You have time to make a difference, and you have the experience, resilience, and drive to make it. Written as your field guide to the rocky terrain of entrepreneurship, Ageless Startup is that bridge from employee to entrepreneur or empty-nester to business-owner. With award-winning entrepreneur Rick Terrien as your guide, kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with this book." (Catalogue)

Covid schmovid : 19 ways to make your small business boom / Davis, Vaughn
"Covid Schmovid is more than just a manual for businesses facing the pain and disruption of Covid-19 and its economic aftermath. It's a grab-bag of advice, inspiration, thought starters and practical tips for anyone wanting to grow or start a sustainable, customer-focussed business in a world no one could have predicted.As well as "19 ways to make your small business boom," it features raw, inspiring and honest real-world business stories from the founders and leaders of New Zealand businesses across categories including food delivery (FED), tourism (Jucy), events (Doc Edge), homewares (Ironclad Pan Co) and fashion (Ingrid Starnes and Hills Hats)"--Provided by publisher." (Catalogue)

Online Reports

Magazines for Small Business Owners

  • Franchise New Zealand
    Contains a variety of franchise opportunities and information. Also contains a Directory of Franchising which lists essential contact details for franchisers.
  • NZ Entrepreneur
    New Zealand's digital magazine for entrepreneurs and business builders, delivering insightful articles, interviews and inspiration. Free subscription.
  • Also have a look at the range of business and finance magazines free to download on our OverDrive Magazines collection
  • Small Business Guides by Xero

Useful links to NZ & International contacts for small businesses

New Zealand

  • Te Arahanga NgaIwi - Maori Economic Development Agency
    Provides services to Maori wishing to develop a new business idea or improve their existing business or community organisation.
  • BizDojo
    Based in Wellington and Auckland, BizDojo offers a new collaborative way of working. So if you are tired of working from home, check it out.
  • Chrysalis for Women
    A service for women's personal and professional development based in Wellington. Runs monthly women's business network group meetings.
  • Employment NZ
    Employment NZ's web resource is designed to help business owners find simple straight forward employment relations and health & safety information and much more.
  • FOUND – NZ business directories
    Tips for writing the best directory profile, includes a step-by-step guide to submitting your site with a list of 95 online business directories.
  • Business to business
    A monthly newspaper targeting small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).Regular newspaper features include general business news, company appointments, an events diary and columns from experts in the fields of money management, business development, marketing, human resources, exporting/importing, business law, employer issues, using humour at work, and making the most of IT.
  • Biz (
    This is the New Zealand government business site managed and maintained by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) to act as a gateway to government and private sector business information, news and services. It brings together free business resources, tools and information to help people start, manage and grow their business, and is designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses. The website is supported by freephone 0800 424 946.
  • Business Mentor
    If your business is less than six months old, and you employ less than 25 people, then you are eligible for a business mentor. Conversely, if you would like to pass on your experience to newcomers, then you can apply to be a business mentor.
  • WellingtonNZ - Business Growth
    Formerly known as Grow Wellington and then WREDA, the Business growth Team at WellingtonNZ support businesses to grow and innovate, and build a stronger, more connected regional business community.
  • NZ School of Export
    New Zealand's only provider of professional qualifications in exporting and international trade which have been accredited by Iatto (the International Association of Trade Training Organisations).
    This is a list of the small business meetups currently operating in Wellington. A great way to network.
  • Collectively
    Collectively is all about supporting New Zealanders in business. Our job is to help other New Zealand based businesses to grow through providing a networking platform to connect with other businesses, as well as giving plentiful opportunities to discuss and learn new ideas to sky rocket their own business!
  • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
    Their services cover specific aspects of trade and enterprise, business development, export services, business success and regional development, and includes services for businesses starting up, and at an early stage of development as well as services for businesses seeking to grow and internationalise: including new exporters, high growth businesses and other exporters.
  • Pacific Business Trust
    The Pacific Business Trust is a Charitable Trust established in 1985 in Auckland. Their mandate is to grow Pacific businesses into sustainable, viable and commercially successful enterprises. They now have a branch in Porirua.
    Popup Business School
    The PopUp Business School runs inspirational business training events to help people in communities start small businesses and making money doing what they love. The concept has been run successfully in the UK for 7 years. The first one in Aotearoa was run recently in Porirua
  • Sparkbox
    "Investing in and growing simple ideas with simple value propositions". Sparkbox specialises in helping companies in the technology sector, and rather than calling themselves a traditional venture capital company, they see themselves as Business angels - ie "individuals with more than a few spare dollars who want to invest in and help develop a firm before it's large enough to access traditional venture capital funds."
  • Stats NZ - Data for business
    Find your target market and compare your business with competitors."
  • Wellington Chamber of Commerce
    The Wellington Regional Council has since 1856 been in the business of encouraging regional development and has 1,400 members, who range from major corporations to sole traders.
  • Wellington Young Professionals
    WYP is a network of young business people (aged under 30) in Wellington. It holds regular networking events and provides networking opportunities and introductions for participants.
  • Venus Network
    A nationwide business referral community designed for women who are serious about growing their business, their networks and themselves.


    An american site provides practical solutions to the everyday challenges of starting, managing and growing a business. You can register as a member for free.
  • - the Small Business Knowledge Base
    A comprehensive American site of free small business information . It provides access to guides, tools and techniques.
    A must for business planning. It gives valuable advice on marketing plans and you can download sample plans for all kinds of businesses
    This Australian site was the winner of the United Nations Public Service Award for eGovernment. It is an Australian government initiative to make it easier for Australian businesses to deal with government and provides essential information on planning, starting and running your business.
  • Entrepeneur Magazine
    Has free access to newsletters and small business advice
  • The Young Entrepreneurs Guide to Starting & Growing a Successful Business
    A great site with financing, mentorship and other resources aimed specifically for young business owners

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