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Ngā Mea Kei te Tōmuri, Ngaro me Ngā Utunga Overdues, Lost Items & Payments

Overdue Charges

  • All rates listed are per day
  • Overdue charges are calculated at the rate applicable on the date items are returned
Adults Children & Young Adults * Housebound Borrowers Out of Towner
Books 80c 30c none 80c
Magazines 60c 30c none 60c
CDs & CYA CDs 60c 30c none 60c
DVDs & CYA DVDs $1 50c none $1
Videos & CYA Videos $1 50c none $1
Tapes & CYA Tapes 60c 30c none 60c
CD-ROMs & CYA CD-ROMs $1 50c none $1
Kits & CYA Kits 60c 30c none 60c
Bestseller Books $1 $1 $1 $1

* Parents are responsible for items taken out on their children's cards. Children and Young Adults pay 1/2 of the adult overdue rates for all items except books, Bestseller books and magazines. (Back)

Overdue policy

  • Overdue fees (see details above) are charged when items have not been returned three days or more after the due date
  • To avoid overdue fees, please return your items during opening hours within two days after the due date — or renew them online or in our libraries to extend their due date
  • Interlibrary return fees may apply
  • Notices are sent out after an item has been overdue for five days after the due date
  • Replacement costs are charged for lost or damaged items

This is in line with the Wellington City Libraries' Customer Charter.

Interlibrary returns

Due to the closure of the Central Library, items borrowed from our libraries can be returned at any branch without incurring an inter-library return fee. Returning items to the library you borrowed them from means they are back on the shelves sooner, for others to borrow. It means we can provide a more efficient service so that you get the most out of our libraries.

Payment options

Online payments

You can pay with a credit or debit card on our online payments site

In person

In person at any Wellington City Libraries branch by Eftpos or cash (except Te Awe).

By phone

Call 801 4058 or 801 4055, Monday to Friday between 9:30am and 4:30pm with your credit card details.

By online banking

Create a payment to:

  • WCC bank account — 06 0582 0106111 00
  • Put 'Library' as your Reference
  • Put your library card number as your Code
  • Put your name in the Particulars field

After paying, please email our Customer Accounts team to confirm your payment which you should see on your account within a few days.

What do you do if you have a lost or damaged item?

Lost items

Contact your library and let them know that you have lost an item as soon as you can. The replacement cost will be automatically loaded onto your card ready for payment.

Damaged items

If you have damaged an item, you will be asked to pay the full replacement cost.

If an item is returned with a part missing it will be classed as a damaged item (e.g. a DVD/CD returned without the disk or cover). If you find and return (in good condition) a item within six months of paying, you will receive a refund of the replacement cost.

Email notices

We can send you automatic reminder emails 3 days before and 5 days after your items are due. To make email your preferred notification method, fill out our email notices request form.

If a notification bounces back, we will contact you via our automated phone system or by post.

Library Elf

For email reminders before your items are due, here is information about Library Elf.

Please note: If you're interested in signing up to this service, we do advise you to read through the Library Elf FAQs provided first, in particular the privacy statement about the library card details you're providing to them. Library Elf is a completely independent service from Wellington City Libraries based in Canada, so we are unable to take responsibility for Library Elf's failure to deliver e-mail or other notices.

Contact us

If you have any queries about overdue charges please email us or phone your local branch library.

Please have your library card number ready so we can check your record.

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